Monday, 30 May 2011

How I Wear; Sheer Tops

1. I love this sheer shirt, I got it at a fairly good price of £14.99 from H&M. I love the fact it can be styled up with a bodycon skirt (this one is from topshop), I'd probably wear it like this for a meal out with family or something. I always wear a nude top underneath, I find if you let your bra show there's a very fine line between looking chic and looking like you're an extra on the only way is essex.
2. This is outfit 1 with just a black leather jacket and a bag I got from Primark yonks ago. I love the fact you can completely change this outfit by adding a jacket. I find outfit 1 pretty girly so adding a leather jacket gives it a little more edge. In my opinion everyone should own a leather jacket, you don't even have to spend a lot of money, there's always a few lying around in every charity shop for around £5. I would probably go out shopping or over to a friends in this.
3. I got this top from the sale in topshop for around £15. I LOVE IT! It can be styled with anything and I reckon it would look good with some skinny jeans, but I love it paired with these shorts. I'd never go out without tights with these shorts because they are so short and my legs are so pale i'd probably be scouted for a twilight movie. However I'll definitely be working this combination without the tights when I'm on holiday with the "Nobody knows me, therefore I'll wear what I want" mentality. I'd probably wear this with some wedges or gladiators and some massive sunglasses :)
4. Probably the most "dressed up" outfit. I got this massive white sheer top from a small one-off type boutique in Manchester and I love it! I put on a black plain bodycon dress from H&M underneath and a primarni belt. This is such a simple monochrome outfit it allows for bright colours in the form of clutches and shoes. It's also a great way to introduce yourself to the colour blocking trend, you can keep your dress fairly simple and add bright accessories!

And if the whole layering sheer tops over nude camis or other tops isn't for you, there are now a lot of dresses and tops available which have the slip underneath so no work is required at all! I love this dress from topshop I wore back in March for my cousins christening, the colour is lovely :)

I'd love to know how you guys wear your sheer tops! xoxoxoxox

Sunday, 29 May 2011

May Favourites - And I've Loved A LOT of things this month!

How can it be the end of may already?! MADNESS! I warn you now, I've loved a fair few products this month, hence why I've taken pictures to try and break it up a little. Certain things I haven't included purely because I haven't particularly changed what I use eg. Mascara wise I still use Avon Supershock Mascara and I still love Maybelline gel eyeliner. I was careful not to include powders, because I think I'm going to do a review on some of the powders I've got, and while I'm varying it up I can't tell you one as a definite favourite. I've also kept nail polishes out because I'll be making a seperate post on my favourites! Apart from that I genuinely love ALL these products and I would recommend every single one of them!
This is definitely my favourite perfume of all time. I'm rubbish at describing perfumes, so all I'll say is that to me it's flowery and fruity and just beautiful. If you haven't already, go into boots/wherever and give this a spray. I fell in love with it months before I originally bought it, and put it off purely because I couldn't justify the price. But trust me, it's worth the money. It's so long lasting, it's my favourite throughout winter, I still use it in summer and it's what I reach for before going out at night. Mine is running out, so hopefully it will last out until July and I can pick up a new one at duty free before I go on holiday :)
This is my ultimate spring/summer scent. It's so light and fresh and floral and just lovely! Again I'm rubbish at describing scents so I'm not going to go on and on, but this is one of the only DKNY be delicious perfumes that I actually like, though it's not incredibly long lasting like Miss Dior Cherie, so it's not something that I would possibly repurchase at full price purely because I don't like re-applying perfume all the time. Other than that I really have no complaints!

This is in no way a "miracle" product or something that's completely unique, but I really do love this. It's so cheap and I'm into the smell of vanilla in a major way of recent, this is just brilliant for putting all over your body at night and waking up smooth and soft and smelling lovely! For the price definitely worth a try if you're looking for a cheap body lotion
This has been raved about loads so I'm not going to ramble on, but this is brilliant for those really dry patches, and I really do see overnight improvement. And for just under £3, you can't really go wrong.
I'm not really a great sufferer of spots I'll be honest, I seem to go weeks without a breakout and then BAM, in the duration of about 3 days spots just appear on random parts of my face. And when this happens, nothing really seems to help, Clearasil oddly makes my skin even worse, I just can't win. However when I use this I find that if I do have a breakout it's a lot less severe and they seem to happen a lot less. I love the idea that you can use this product as either a wash or a mask. I use it as a mask about once a week and my skin feels amazing after. Seriously recommend, though not really suffering all that bad in the first place I can't really say I've tried all that much else on the market.
My favourite scrub out there. I bought this from boots around christmas and I use it religiously, still not anywhere near empty. At £9, it was quite a lot to pay for a scrub at the time but the amount i got in the tub was unbelievable and this gets rid of all dead skin and after my skin is left so soft and smooth! Smells amazing and I love the fact it contains a lot of minerals really beneficial to the skin! Absolute BARGAIN, but I fear boots have stopped selling :(

Pretty much the queen of hairspray. My hair does NOT like hairspray, and some hairsprays literally have no effect at all, and others make my hair stiff and horrible, and who wants amazing hair when it's horrible to touch? Not me anyway. This is just amazing, and I've been getting a lot of use out of it recently. I love the fact it doesn't leave my hair really stiff but still keeps it completely in place. LOVE!
I could rave about this until the cows come home. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! My hair was in such bad condition until this little beauty walked into my life. I am in no way exaggerating when I say my split ends = gone! And trust me, before I used this I had more than a few. It smells bloody good too, it's just a completely amazing product. When I bought it I honestly wasn't expecting my split ends to be completely eliminated but they are! It says you can use it on dry or towel dry hair, but personally I wouldn't put it on completely dry hair because it probably would leave your hair sticky. You don't need to use this every day, so I just use it when I get out of the shower before I dry my hair and once my hair is dry there isn't a split end in sight. And I think the price is brilliant for the product, but if you're on a budget, this is on offer with all other selected herbal essences products in Boots for 2 for £5, and seeing this is £5.10 usual price, you're definitely quids in!
These are my shampoo and conditioner of choice at the moment, they leave my hair silky and smooth and smell gorgeous! That's about it really!

The packaging on this product has recently changed, but I'm presuming it's still the same product. A clear dupe of Benefits Moon Beam, but at a much more attractive price. I love this for a night out above cheekbones, it gives such a pretty shimmer and I definitely need to try out MeMeMe's "moonbeam" which has more pink undertones. Such a pretty product!
Apologies for mine looking a bit grubby, it's well loved! I've never really been a fan on bronzers so it's really a surprise to me how much I adore this product. It's beautiful and matte with only a little shimmer, so it's brilliant for wearing in the day aswell as night! Again it's a highly raved about product so I'm not going to go on too much, but if you're looking for a cheap bronzer this one should be top of your list! It's also done in three different shades so it suits both pale skintones like mine and darker ones. And to add to all that, it smells delicious!
I honestly didn't think I'd like this! I got it on a whim from savers purely because I noticed how much of a dupe it is for the brightening part of the Too Faced leopard complexion perfection palette I've been eyeing up for a while but unable to justify the price. I love the colour each of the parts of this powder make, and I love using this as a subtle blush. Such a versatile product and I can't get over how cheap it is!
I've never tried cream blushers but this one is a-mazing! I love the fact you can either use a little to add a subtle colour of build the colour up. It blends beautifully and I love this colour! There's definitely a few more I fancy picking up, there are 4 shades in this collection and I'll probably get all of them, too pretty!

It's a massive shock to me that I've strayed from Colourstay but this is absolutely AMAZING! After winter, I was finding Colourstay a bit too heavy coverage for what I was looking for. I'm sure my skin has improved aswell, so I picked this up because I know a lot of people swear by it. Although it's sheer and gives a glowy finish, it still has a solid medium coverage and it's possibly overtaken colourstay as the favourite. It took me a while for this to grow on me, but now it's what I reach for everyday without fair. Definitely worth a try, smells amazing and has something colourstay has never had... A PUMP! I'm in love.
Best. Concealer. I've. Ever. Used. And that's all I have to say on that one.

Natural Collection Moisture Shine Lipstick in Raspberry - £1.99 (not available online)
I'm in love with this colour, and all the lipsticks in this range are lovely on the lips, so moisturizing and have pretty good keep for the price. I love putting this over my just bitten lipstain to add some moisture and even out the colour. Definitely need to purchase some more colours out of this range!
This shade is a matte colour, and one of my favourite sleek lipsticks. Every other sleek lipstick I have is a bright colour, but I love wearing this for college or when I can't be bothered messing about with brights. It's not a nude nude, it doesn't make me look like I have foundation on my lips or anything, it just gives my lips a subtle colour and lasts pretty well!
I've had bad experiences with Barry M lip paints, I think because I've always only bought those damn nudes 100 and 101, both which make me look like I thought foundation lips was a good idea. But this colour is a beautiful dark red/coral colour and I absolutely adore it! I own nothing like it and I bought it really without even looking at the colour during the boots 3 for 2 offer. I adore this and I've had it on so much over the past few weeks. Unlike my other Barry M lip paints it's not drying and it's really buildable, you can wear it everyday or build it up for a night out. Probably my favourite may favourite make up wise (did that make sense?!)
Best lip balm ever! Put this on every morning and night and leaves my lips beautiful! Lifesaver product!
I adore this colour! It's a bright red, but comes out a lot less bright than you think. Probably my favourite lipstain because it really does stay put. I love this shade, and although if you're not careful the lipstain can come out uneven, with the balm over the top, lipgloss or my natural collection lipstick, it looks perfect. I love this and I'm definitely going to pick up some more shades for this collection. I'm fairly new to lipstains so I'll be keeping you updated

AND THAT'S IT! phew, time for a coffee and a lie down!
Hope you guys had a lovely weekend, I stupidly watched Titanic and spent Saturday night with Mascara all over my face, blotchy skin and puffy eyes. NOT A GOOD LOOK!
If you stuck out til the end you deserve a gold star, I promise I'll make June favourites a lot smaller!

Friday, 27 May 2011

An Exercise/Diet Plan I'm (hopefully) Going To Stick To!

In all honesty, it's not that I just don't want to exercise. My positive thoughts are all there! "Tomorrow I WILL go on the exercise bike" "I'm GOING to sign up for the gym" etc etc, but when it comes to it, I just never really get round to it. We have quite a bit of gym equipment in the house so it's not as if I can blame not having money for it, I just find it such a drag. I think it's because I'm happy with my weight I just can't find the motivation to do any form of exercise ever. But it IS getting into summer and us fair skinned have a job looking good on the beach anyway without showing off a flabby belly or thighs, and seeing as I'm off to tenerife in around a month and a halfs time, it's time to get to work!
I think I always go wrong because I set myself impossible, unattainable goals. I always convince myself I'm going to exercise for half an hour each day, then I'll do it for one day and then go back into my non-exercising ways. I'm sure I'm not alone on that haha :)
RIGHT, so onto what I'm going to do for the next month and a half:
  • I splashed out on a pair of shape ups about a month ago and I've worn them about twice. They are honestly the comfiest. most lovely feeling shoes in the world and the fact that they tone you up in the process = amazing! However, I'm a dolly shoe/boots/heels kinda girl and frankly, it's near to impossible I'll ever saunter into college with them on. They just don't go with the kind of clothes I wear :( But this doesn't mean I can't wear them at other points. SO from now on, everytime I pop to the supermarket/go to a friends house/generally walk anywhere around my village I will be wearing them :)
  • Sit ups, they're so easy and I don't know why I don't do them more. I'm not going to sit doing them everyday because, I'm just not like that. But when I have a spare ten minutes I will be doing them.
  • Dance DVDs - Now I have several work out/dance video/DVDs by various "stars" from Barbie (yes, really) to Angela Griffin. Some aren't as bad as others though so atleast once a week I will be having a go at one. And if that fails, when I get home from college and nobody is in, I will be turning my ipod up and dancing freestyle all around the house in the name of burning those damn calories ;)
  • Exercise bike - This one kind of explains itself aha, once/twice a week I'll get on this bad boy and tone those legs up.
Now onto diet, it's not that I really want to "diet" just make myself more healthy, because I'm not blind to the fact I have the worst diet ever. My poor stomach :( I ALWAYS skip breakfast, I can literally gag at the smell of food in a morning let alone eat anything (not really a morning person...), sometimes I skip lunch because I don't have time before I catch my train to college if I'm only in the afternoon, or because I don't have time in college. If I do have lunch it's usually Mcdonalds or Greggs, neither really known for their healthy options. Then I'll usually have a fair sized tea and then snack up a shit load of calories all through the night on cakes/crisps/various junk food. Add my ridiculous coffee intake and we're not really doing too well.
SO, I'm not going to cut out all the junk but I am going to:
  • Swap junk for yoghurts and broccoli at night (not together ha) - quit the crap and I know it's weird but i genuinely LOVE broccoli so I will be eating that by the bowlful.
  • Stop eating at McDonalds - It's the closest place to college you can get food, other than the suspicious looking slop that the canteen serves and the chippy. Even if I have to go further, I'm gonna try and quit the McDonalds habit and go buy a sandwich from boots or something :)
  • Swap Coke for Pepsi Max - I can't stand, literally cannot stand Diet Coke or Coke Zero. The lack of sugar in it means I'd honestly rather not have coke at all than have either of those as substitutes. However I've found a friend in Pepsi Max, it has no actual sugar in it, but it does have a sugar substitute which means it tastes exactly like normal coke/pepsi/whatever but with hardly any sugar or calories, WIN!
  • Lower my coffee - This will both be good for my health and my bank balance, I can buy upto 5 coffees a day while I'm in college and round and about and frankly, it's no wonder I'm always broke.
Apart from that I'll be keeping everything fairly normal. The thing is, I don't really want to lose weight. I just want to tone up. I have no problem with my figure, I'm not "in love" with it, but who really is? As much as I think people who are thin/around size 6 are beautiful I don't think I'd like to necessarily be one. I'm quite happy being a size 8/10, and if I begin to lose any curves I will be shoving burgers down my throat. Hopefully this should help me to just tone up, and become a little healthier. And I'm near enough positive I can stick to it. I know this is kind of different to the usual beauty/fashion post but I'll be using this for reference more than anything! I have my may favourites and a post on sheer tops to write up so I'm not becoming Gwyneth Paltrow just yet ;)
If you've tried the whole shape up/eat healthier thing what worked for you? :)

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Haul; Stress Makes Me Shop!

Topshop originally £34, on sale for £15
I NEED to stop buying sheer tops but I couldn't resist this! Will look lovely with a bodycon skirt for a night out or skinny jeans in the day!

A boutique in Manchester - £6
I couldn't resist this for £6! Will look amazing over a white or even black dress with a belt, gorgeous!

A boutique in manchester £12
I love this for days I really can't be bothered! Looks good with just jeans or over a bodycon dress for evening!

Mod Box part of TK Maxx - £12.99
I LOVE this playsuit! The pattern is gorgeous, and I love the detailing. And such a bargain for £12.99, I can't wait til the weather inproves to wear this! :)

Coral Ring from H&M - £3.99
Bought this purely for the colour, so gorgeous! I love H&Ms range of rings at the moment!

Definitely a bargain for £1.99, I'll try this out and let you guys know! I like the fact there's two brushes, definitely handy for me to take on holiday :)

I've never tried out any of the george at asda makeup range, I like the look of the nail polishes so I've bought this one as a trial really :)

I LOVE this colour! Though I had a job getting it, it was completely sold out in peach in one of the local boots and the other only had a couple left! Such a beautiful subtle colour, especially in summer!

W7 Bronzer in Honolulu - £1.99
Such a bargain at just under £2!  I've seen various bloggers talk about this, it's a clear dupe for benefits "hula" with the "hawaii" vibe packaging and obvious similarity in shade. I don't own Hula, and seeing as it retails at £23.50, I think I'll see how I get on with this first!
W7 Multi Colour Bronzer in Africa - £1.99
Again another clear dupe, this time inspiration most likely came from the "brighten" section of the Too Faced Complexion Perfection Leopard Love Kit. This is BEAUTIFUL though, and probably my favourite purchase, I love the colour it blends to make (see swatches!)
W7 Candy Shimmer Pearls - around £1.50
I've been looking to buy some shimmer pearls for a while now, I think they make a beautiful effect as either blushes/bronzers or highlighters depending. The colour this creates could be used as either a very light blush/illuminator. I love love love them, though the packaging looks a little tacky - what can you expect for less than £2 though?! Overall very happy!

Hope you guys are having a good week so far! xoxoxoxoxo

Monday, 23 May 2011

Nails #004 It's Never Too Late To Jump On The Bandwagon...

white - 17 Lasting Fix in Mini Skirt, blue 1 - Barry M in Pure Turquoise, blue 2 - Barry M in Cyan Blue, blue 3 - Barry M in Cobalt Blue, blue 4 - No7 Stay Perfect in Betty Blues
My first attempt on the ombre nail trend! I've seen this on so many blogs recently so I decided to give it a go! I went for blues because I thought the Barry M colours blended beautifully! I'm definitely gonna try this is different colours, such a pretty effect! I fancy a try in pink and maybe browns.
I think I'll probably skip college tomorrow afternoon because revision sessions are so boring! If so I'll probably do a bit of bargain hunting and might have a little haul for you guys!

Saturday, 21 May 2011

OOTD #006; But There's A Side To You, That I Never Knew...

leather jacket - vintage ring - h&m bodycon skirt - topshop top - jane norman

I'm going out in a bit for a meal with my family, but this outfit is casual enough for me to spend the afternoon shopping in, that's what I love about this bodycon skirt, it's so versatile. I must of bought it from topshop about two years ago and cost-per-wear must be down to pennys by now, one of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe! I have been salvaging a lot of clothes I bought way back, because they're so pretty and I just shoved them to the back of my wardrobe or in draws to make way for new stuff. I love this floral top from jane norman, again I must of bought it going on 2/3 years ago. I never seem to go into Jane Norman anymore, I think it's because it always brings back memories of me in year eight/nine wandering in and picking the cheapest "ok" thing in there purely to get the infamous carrier bag to use for PE! Atleast I know I'm not alone in that, pretty much every other girl in the school did the same thing! I've been trying out my Just Bitten Lipstain as you can probably see here and I LOVE IT! The colour (gothic) is so beautiful and the natural collection lipstick "raspberry" is nearly the exact same colour, so I put that over the top to keep my lips looking moisturised!
Hope you guys are having a good weekend! I should be revising, I have two exams on wednesday I've not even looked at (eeeek). On friday I completely blagged my sociology and when I got really stuck made a story up about a researcher being shot... Looking back I have honestly no idea why and I can only hope that whoever marks it looks past it to see the point I was trying to make. Though Law went well, and seeing as the grade boundaries are much higher for Law I'm glad out of the two I did better on it :)
Lots of love xoxoxoxox

Thursday, 19 May 2011

There's always time for a trip to Superdrug & Boots; Little Haul :)

I have 2 exams tomorrow, so I went into college with the full intention of having a massive revision session. I got myself excused out of my sociology and headed up to the library. Now not being a, "regular" so much at the library, I had no idea the ONE day of the entire year I actually needed to use it, it was closed early. So instead of going to any of the other various places there is in college to revise, the voice in my head going "you could go shopping before your train comes" overtook all my good "I need to revise" thoughts and before I knew it i was in boots.

There wasn't a whole lot I wanted, a few magazines for some easy reading for my train journeys, breaks between revision etc and some of the split end protection cream that was recommended to me, seeing as I'm avoiding haircuts at the moment because I love the length of my hair at the minute, and 1cm off means 3 inches to my hairdresser. However I got drawn in by the natural collection stand, and you can never just get one product with that damn 3 for £5 offer that's always on. I got another blush, because as I'm not a massive blush wearer I really don't like splashing out. I've had my eye on this lipstick for ages but never got round to buying it, it's called "raspberry" and it's a gorgeous dark plum colour. I picked up this eyeshadow "sea shell" despite the fact I must have about 10 other eyeshadows pretty much this exact colour. I also picked up two stains, a Revlon Just Bitten lipstain that also has a balm on the other end, at the moment boots are offering £2 off which makes it a much more affordable £5.99. Though warning: don't go swatching it, I've just learnt it's a bugger to get off! I'll be walking round with a red swatch on my hand for a few days! From superdrug I also picked up one of the 2true benetint/mememe dupes, the dark pink cheek and lip tint. I was interested in the lighter pink posietint dupe but it was completely sold out but I will probably pop back for it. When I've tried all these I might write a review on lip stains/lip and cheek tints because there does seem to be a lot appearing in the high street at the moment, and I do seem to have purchased a few recently.
Swatches :

Hope you guys are having a great day too!
Back to revision now, I can't physically wait for tomorrow to be over, I have 2 exams (law and sociology) neither of which i feel very prepared for! But atleast the weekend follows! xoxoxox

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

OOTD #005; Things Can Only Get Better

top - h&m shorts - topshop rings - h&m sunglasses - primark

Despite it not really being warm enough, my summer wardrobe is well and truly out. I was going to hit the garden for pictures but it was raining :( typical England! I must of bought this h&m top winter '10, and found it to be FAR too tight. though I've definitely lost weight on my stomach and it's definitely wearable now, I love the colour and detail! I ADORE these sunglasses from primark, my current favourites and for £2!
AND to add to my good mood my avon lady came today with these beauts, which I got for £12 combined! BARGAIN! I can't wait to try the facial duo sachets, i love facemasks, and these little 15ml perfumes were a bargain at 2.50 each and will be lovely for keeping in my college bag :) 
ANYWAY, back to boring revision, two exams this friday. I wish I was worrying more! xoxoxoxox

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Nails #003 AZTEC!

I followed this tutorial watch here
I really wanted to do aztec inspired nails, and they've turned out a bit messy this time around but i think it adds a little something that they're not completely even and perfect (that's my excuse anyway). so I loved the colours used in the tutorial I took inspiration from, though obviously I substituted the nail polishes used for similar ones I own.
Nail Polishes: Barry M Mushroom, Bright Pink and Peach Melba, Black & White Nail Art Pens, Natural Collection Clear as top coat :)

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Little Haul; Topshop, New Look, Superdrug

Topshop Thick Knit Navy Stripe Cardi - £43

Superdrug Urban Decay Nail Enamels in CULT and EASY RIDER - £1 each

Once again it's raining so I quickly popped to the shops to buy a few things. I ADORE the entire topshop summer range and I've got my eye on another 5/6 things I'll be heading back for when I have more money (Why is everything so damn expensive in there). I seem to have splurged a lot on cardis recently, I've bought 3 the past month all costing me around £40, so this will definitely be my last for this season, I always justify topshop with the fact I get student discount, which makes their prices slightly more affordable! I also fell in love with these paperbag shorts from newlook and at £19.99 I couldn't resist. And these discontinued Urban Decay Nail Enamels for £1 were an absolute bargain! I also picked up the new superdrug card while I was in store, which I'm really excited about! The card actually has a mirror on it which is so handy for in your purse, though the points are only 1 for every pound compared to the 4 points from a boots card, though it's better than nothing! Exams soon so I'm back to revising for the remainder of the weekend, hope you guys had a good one! xoxoxoxoxo 

Saturday, 14 May 2011

OOTD #004; There's Nothing In The Water We Can't Fight

dress - topshop
top - primark
scarf - primark
leather jacket - vintage
tights - primark
satchel - primark

I went into the centre of manchester yesterday for a gander in primark, not a good idea when it's raining and ofcourse primark have those infamous paper damn bags! I picked up a few bargains so I thought I'd show you a few in an OOTD. The top (kindof covered completely by the scarf) featured only cost me ONE POUND! I've been checking out this scarf for a few trips so yesterday i decided to bite the bullet and fork out a grand 3 quid on it :) But my favourite purchase is easily this cute satchel! I'm already planning a trip back for the brown version, so amazing for £9!
So I'm off to brave the rain once again, hope you all have an amazing day :) xxx

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

OOTD #003; Why Is Everything With You So Complicated?

Shorts - Matalan
top - primark
cardigan - miss selfridge
tights - primark
shoes - primark
necklace - topshop
ring - primark
nail polish - models own fuzzy orange

just off to college later and then doing some more revision! I swear revision has taken over my week this past week, as usual I've left revising to the completely last minute and have gone into panic mode over the entire thing. I always try to justify leaving things late "for the adrenaline rush, it's good for you" but er, I think I might have to start revising earlier if I want to get my a levels! I've been looking at different opportunities in careers if i DIDN'T (shock horror) go to uni, and I'm overwhelmed at the jobs I can get without a degree! :) I'll probably do a really boring career post later just to help me more than anyone! Hope you all have a good day! xoxoxox

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Nails #002 Fuzzy Peach

One of my new favourite shades, i've been loving bright colours on my nails recently to inject a bit of colour and add contrast with bright rings. I love this colour, and I'm definitely looking to add to my models own collection! xx

Monday, 9 May 2011

My 11 Most Reached For Make Up Products

1) No 7 Colour Calming Primer (green) £11.00
I bought this on a whim when i was trying to use up £5 no 7 vouchers, and for £6 this primer looked a bargain! I've always had red undertones in my skin due to being pretty fair, so I figured I'd give this a go so I could hopefully go a little lighter on my foundation, and it hasn't disappointed. I wouldn't call this a miracle product or a "must have" but it definitely takes out some of the redness, and I now feel confident going out without foundation if I'm low on time. The only thing I would say is that you only need a very tiny amount if you don't want a green tinge on your face!

2) Revlon Colorstay for normal/dry skin in Ivory £12.49
Pretty much my holy grail foundation. I've always loved a fuller coverage and I instantly fell in love with this foundation. It's a perfect shade for me which is rare in drugstore/high street make up brands, as a lot just don't cater for paler skin. It has SPF in it which is again, essential for pale skin that burn easily like mine does! I honestly couldn't recommend this foundation any more, I've repurchased several times, my only problem is the fact there's no pump and it's hard to control how much foundation actually comes out, but I can live with that!

3) 17 Shine Control Loose Powder £5.49
I stayed away from loose powders for a long time because I believed them to be just messy. But I was tempted by this, because it has got to be one of the cheapest translucent powders on the market, and it instantly became a necessity for my make up bag. Although ofcourse I still use my collection 2000 pressed powder in ivory for on the go, I use this mostly to buff and perfect my foundation in the morning and with having normal/dry skin I usually don't need to powder again. This really is a favourite of mine and something I'd definitely recommend, especially for the price :)

4) Natural Collection Blush in Sweet Cheeks £1.99
I've never particularly been into blushes because I naturally have quite flushed cheeks and therefore did everything to hide them not accentuate them! However when I checked out the natural collection 3 for £5 offer, I thought I'd give this colour a go. For the price they really are amazing blushes, and even though blush isn't something I wear daily, when I do this is the one I reach for straight away. And for £1.99 I'm seriously considering buying a few more!

5) Bourjois Bronzing Powder (lightest shade 51) £6.99
Probably the most raved about high street bronzer, ofcourse I checked it out :) This was the first bronzer I actually bought, I've always found a lot of high street bronzers to be too shimmery or just too dark, and I didn't really want to spend money on buying a higher end product. I never thought I'd be into bronzer, but I do adore this, I'm a bit lost if I don't have this to contour and just give a little colour to my face. I don't want to go on and on about this product because it's been discussed 348013201 times but it really does live up to the hype

6) Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer in Fair 1 £4.19
Again another product there is a lot of hype around, sorry for being a massive sheep! I stuck with my avon concealer stick for ages, and only when it ran out i went onto this. I never really liked the liquid concealer idea but this has completed converted me. I've spent so much money on concealers, but this really is the best I've ever tried, I always keep one in my makeup bag for college incase of any sudden breakouts and it really does what it says on the tin, it lasts me all day! Amazing product, and the colour is perfect for me :)

7) Sleek Storm Palette £6.49
This was something I wanted for ages and never got round to buying, but over the past few months it has become a product I literally couldn't live without. If i were to change anything, I'd maybe add a few more matte shades, but this really does have such a mix of neutral, everyday colours nobody should be without. I love using the beige nudes for barely there eyeshadows and the darker browns, greys and black to make the look more dramatic. beautiful, good quality eyeshadows, such a bargain!

8) Avon Supershock Mascara £8.50
My favourite mascara ever! I have about 5 tubes of this mascara lying around to make sure I'm never without it! Gives my lashes such length and volume and works with various other avon mascaras really well to elongate my lashes even further! Mascara is the only thing I never ever buy a different brand of to try, because I couldn't be happier with the way this mascara makes my lashes look. I literally have no complaints, I would recommend this to everyone :) The wand is plastic which i much prefer to brush, and I've never had any problems with the tube drying up before it's empty etc! just amazing :)

9) Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner £7.99
Fairly new addition to my collection, but I adore this eyeliner like no other! I've tried various gel eyeliners but always found that the eyeliner transferred to my upper eyelid, but i really don't have this problem anymore. This eyeliner is beautiful and goes easily on with the fantastic brush that comes with it, which gives you great precision! I love this eyeliner so much and I honestly couldn't go back to any of my other eyeliners, this is the only eyeliner I ever reach for.

10) Sleek True Colour Lipstick in Bare All (matte) £3.99
I've never really found the perfect everyday colour for me, and as a red lip lover, nudes and paler shades never really worked for me. However I took a risk a few weeks ago and bought this colour, and I've been wearing it ever since for shopping/college/everyday. It's a matte shade which for me is essential as I don't really like shimmery lipsticks. This is just the perfect shade for my skin colour because it doesn't wash me out, and I really do love the packaging on these lipsticks, they really do look "sleek" haha ;)

11) 17 Sheer Moisture Lipstick in Beehive £4.29
Another fairly famous high street product, this really is one of my favourite lipsticks, alone or on top of other lipsticks (such as the sleek lipstick above). This lipstick is so moisturizing I love how it feels on the lips, and as i do get dry lips if I don't religiously use my carmex, this really is lovely to keep my lips moisturized. For the price this lipstick is definitely worth checking out!

So these are my 11 couldn't really live without make up products! As you guys will see I don't like splashing out on makeup what with being in college and generally being completely skint, but I love all these products and for the price all of them are absolutely amazing and worth checking out xoxoxoxo

Sunday, 8 May 2011

OOTD #002; meddle if you want trouble

checked shirt - primark
fringed boob tube - new look
bodycon skirt - h&m
tights - primark
wedges - newlook
rings - h&m
Fancied a chilled out outfit for todays shopping, and a checked shirt was perfect for putting over this outfit to keep warm in the wind :) I've injected a lot of colour into my outfits recently and I've been enjoying these bright contrasting rings from h&m! hope you've all had lovely weekends xoxoxoxoxo