Friday, 27 May 2011

An Exercise/Diet Plan I'm (hopefully) Going To Stick To!

In all honesty, it's not that I just don't want to exercise. My positive thoughts are all there! "Tomorrow I WILL go on the exercise bike" "I'm GOING to sign up for the gym" etc etc, but when it comes to it, I just never really get round to it. We have quite a bit of gym equipment in the house so it's not as if I can blame not having money for it, I just find it such a drag. I think it's because I'm happy with my weight I just can't find the motivation to do any form of exercise ever. But it IS getting into summer and us fair skinned have a job looking good on the beach anyway without showing off a flabby belly or thighs, and seeing as I'm off to tenerife in around a month and a halfs time, it's time to get to work!
I think I always go wrong because I set myself impossible, unattainable goals. I always convince myself I'm going to exercise for half an hour each day, then I'll do it for one day and then go back into my non-exercising ways. I'm sure I'm not alone on that haha :)
RIGHT, so onto what I'm going to do for the next month and a half:
  • I splashed out on a pair of shape ups about a month ago and I've worn them about twice. They are honestly the comfiest. most lovely feeling shoes in the world and the fact that they tone you up in the process = amazing! However, I'm a dolly shoe/boots/heels kinda girl and frankly, it's near to impossible I'll ever saunter into college with them on. They just don't go with the kind of clothes I wear :( But this doesn't mean I can't wear them at other points. SO from now on, everytime I pop to the supermarket/go to a friends house/generally walk anywhere around my village I will be wearing them :)
  • Sit ups, they're so easy and I don't know why I don't do them more. I'm not going to sit doing them everyday because, I'm just not like that. But when I have a spare ten minutes I will be doing them.
  • Dance DVDs - Now I have several work out/dance video/DVDs by various "stars" from Barbie (yes, really) to Angela Griffin. Some aren't as bad as others though so atleast once a week I will be having a go at one. And if that fails, when I get home from college and nobody is in, I will be turning my ipod up and dancing freestyle all around the house in the name of burning those damn calories ;)
  • Exercise bike - This one kind of explains itself aha, once/twice a week I'll get on this bad boy and tone those legs up.
Now onto diet, it's not that I really want to "diet" just make myself more healthy, because I'm not blind to the fact I have the worst diet ever. My poor stomach :( I ALWAYS skip breakfast, I can literally gag at the smell of food in a morning let alone eat anything (not really a morning person...), sometimes I skip lunch because I don't have time before I catch my train to college if I'm only in the afternoon, or because I don't have time in college. If I do have lunch it's usually Mcdonalds or Greggs, neither really known for their healthy options. Then I'll usually have a fair sized tea and then snack up a shit load of calories all through the night on cakes/crisps/various junk food. Add my ridiculous coffee intake and we're not really doing too well.
SO, I'm not going to cut out all the junk but I am going to:
  • Swap junk for yoghurts and broccoli at night (not together ha) - quit the crap and I know it's weird but i genuinely LOVE broccoli so I will be eating that by the bowlful.
  • Stop eating at McDonalds - It's the closest place to college you can get food, other than the suspicious looking slop that the canteen serves and the chippy. Even if I have to go further, I'm gonna try and quit the McDonalds habit and go buy a sandwich from boots or something :)
  • Swap Coke for Pepsi Max - I can't stand, literally cannot stand Diet Coke or Coke Zero. The lack of sugar in it means I'd honestly rather not have coke at all than have either of those as substitutes. However I've found a friend in Pepsi Max, it has no actual sugar in it, but it does have a sugar substitute which means it tastes exactly like normal coke/pepsi/whatever but with hardly any sugar or calories, WIN!
  • Lower my coffee - This will both be good for my health and my bank balance, I can buy upto 5 coffees a day while I'm in college and round and about and frankly, it's no wonder I'm always broke.
Apart from that I'll be keeping everything fairly normal. The thing is, I don't really want to lose weight. I just want to tone up. I have no problem with my figure, I'm not "in love" with it, but who really is? As much as I think people who are thin/around size 6 are beautiful I don't think I'd like to necessarily be one. I'm quite happy being a size 8/10, and if I begin to lose any curves I will be shoving burgers down my throat. Hopefully this should help me to just tone up, and become a little healthier. And I'm near enough positive I can stick to it. I know this is kind of different to the usual beauty/fashion post but I'll be using this for reference more than anything! I have my may favourites and a post on sheer tops to write up so I'm not becoming Gwyneth Paltrow just yet ;)
If you've tried the whole shape up/eat healthier thing what worked for you? :)


  1. Hahah I fully understand where you are coming from, I recently took up running and eating a bit healthier for me the grad ball is looming and I want to look trim. But its so hard! I'm the same size as you so never worry about eating galaxy after dairy milk after doritos! Good work though! Think of the bikini body! xxxx

  2. WHY is exercise so boring! :( it's awful haha, I never care enough to put myself through it! I used to go to the gym and then sit in the steam room, it's just useless! Haha I will be sticking pictures of various celebs amazing bodies on my fridge so I step away! Good luck ;) xx

  3. This sounds like a good plan. Exercising is so dreadful but your ideas are actually nice and not dreadful at all. Good luck girlie.

  4. Good luck with it all! I stuff the diet of living at home with the parents, my mam takes over and makes huge amount of foods and just knowing it's there I eat it. I miss all my student days of little meals and eating what I want and just walking everywhere. I can't wait to move out, hoping to try and take up some mountain biking and try and get healthy that way.

    Here's me hoping at least x

  5. thankyou! I'm definitely going to need the luck ;) Same, soon as I get home my mum shoves so much food my way haha! I really want to go jogging, but I can't face running round in public with a massive tomato face aha, and I'm never up early enough in a morning:( mountain biking sounds pretty cool though... as exercise goes! xx

  6. Loving your blog! Your style of writing is so entertaining and I can't stop reading! You have talent and a great sense of humor! Haha! I love your blog and I'm your newest follower!
    Would you follow me?

  7. aw thankyou so much! I've just checked your out, I love it! xxx

  8. I just found your blog, I <3 it :)
    Your so funny and I love your style

  9. I'm the same when it comes to exercise haha. I find it boring, but when I put some good music on and do a dance workout, it's always more fun:)A good motivation is the key:)
    Good luck!<3

  10. thankyou! dance workout is the best way for me definitely! xx

  11. I love your blog! you write so nicely, i've just read a tonne of posts!!

  12. aw thankyou aha, I put off blogging for so long purely because I didn't think I was any good at writing haha! xx