Thursday, 26 April 2012

OOTD; Inappropriately dressed for April...

Top; Unknown, Skirt; New Look, Shoes; Topshop, Polish; Zoya & Topshop Ice Crush

As usual, I can't resist wearing a new purchase no matter what the weather is, and after purchasing this gorgeous skirt from new look I just had to wear it, even if the rain has been pouring ALL DAY in Manchester. I am in love with wearing leather jackets and blazers this spring, even if it's led to more than a few days of looking like a drowned rat on the train home (maybe it's time to invest in a decent umbrella? is there a such thing?)

Hope you've all been having a gorgeous April!

Sunday, 18 March 2012

OOTD; back to cheeky blogging!

shirt; topshop, skirt; H&M, shoes; topshop bag; topshop

I put my hands up, I really am such an irregular blogger, I'M SORRY! Work has taken over my life, but hopefully with a little more time on my hands I can throw a few outfit posts in a bit more regularly.....

Spring has (kind of) arrived and as usual I'm far too early to bust out my summer wardrobe and consequently am left shivering on the train platform wondering why the hell I thought it was warm enough to go without a coat yet. I'm currently updating my wardrobe with a few key pieces for spring, though I can't say my ghost like complexion will be covered with pastel jeans/tops/anything (even the thought makes me shudder, oh why was I not born with an olive skin tone? WHY?) but I am 100% on the vibrant bandwagon. This summer I'm determined to get braver with colour blocking and failing that wear a statement bright piece rather than wimping out like last year ("I'm interpreting the colour blocking trend by painting my nails green" zzzzzzz!).

 I still love a sheer shirt, this is my FAVE because of the clever black panel across the boobs so I don't have to bother with a black vest top underneath, the time putting one whole extra layer on in a morning could be much better spent asleep in bed, just think about it!