Sunday, 31 July 2011

My New Favourite Lipstick, Haul and NOTD!

Hello my lovelysssss!
So I've been trying to quit wearing red lipstick ALL the time, so I dug this out. When the whole Sleek Lipsticks took off a few months ago, in a rush at Superdrug I picked this up, and from then I've pretty much shoved it in my lipstick collection and never reached for it again. But the other day I gave it a go and I actually LOVE it! Looking at the lipstick it looks a frankly terrifying purple, but on it goes on more of a bright fuschia and I really love it! I have pale skin and I've got so many compliments on it, and in my opinion this would look  flaming fabulous with a tan!

Also I'm just going to put it out there now how excited I am for Sleek Pout Paint! I've been meaning to try OCC Lip Tars for so long and never got round to it, so these are really something I'll be running to the shops to buy! I'm going to try and restrain myself and buy a only a few colours, and then the blue (Peek a bloo) and white (Cloud 9) to change the shade of them. I could easily buy them all but I'm going to do the best to try and be sensible! From blog posts and swatches I've seen I definitely fancy picking up Pin Up (top, far right) and Mauve Over (bottom, 2nd left).

So today I hit TJ Hughes after news a couple of weeks ago it was closing down. It's somewhere I've always gone now and again, maybe once a year or so and picked up a few cheapo nail polishes. I couldn't resist going before it closed so I went and picked up a few colours, I can't wait to give all these a go! Altogether they came to £7.23, so literally about a pound each, which considering a Revlon nail polish alone would cost you about 6 quid I'm a very happy girl :) I'm also definitely becoming an old woman as I was so fuming when two 12 year old girls were messing with all the makeup, product was spilling out everywhere. I don't mind if people mess around with testers, but when you're playing about with makeup people are actually going to buy it gets a little beyond a joke, especially when after opening every product on the shelf, they walked off not buying anything! 

I've transferred my nail polish collection into the office/spare room because it was taking up far too much space in my room! I've been trying to improve my nail art collection, and I've been thinking about buying some more nail art pens from Ebay, so if you guys have, let me know if they're good quality or not! I'll definitely do a nail polish post soon showing you everything in more detail!

And while we're on the topic of nails, say hello to my leopard print ones! If you've read my blog for a while you'll have seen these before, but whilst I'm job hunting I'm making sure I've always got them painted to perfection incase I get a last minute interview and I can impress with them!

Hope you beauts had lovely weekends!

Friday, 29 July 2011

OOTD #013; If The City Never Sleeps, Then That Makes Two...

parka; topshop top; primark skirt; topshop shoes; new look ring; matalan

I've been meaning to do an inspired OOTD for ages! I love this parka for summer, it has a second inside layer with gorgeous fur for the winter but i love it in the summer for rainy days! 
I'm currently job hunting and so I've been doing my job homework and researching various A/W 11 trends to impress various employers with, seeing as I'm looking for a job in a fashion store it's probably the easiest way to impress other than what I choose to wear. I took inspiration from Altuzarra's fall collection, which was inspired by an image of Kate Moss in an evening dress with a parka over the top with then boyfriend Johnny Depp. I've always loved the dress under fur coat look, but this is a new one for me, and I love how it makes an outfit casual with so much ease - and so practical for cold england nights!

Here's the Altuzarra Fall '11 Collection;

Now all I need is some gorgeous boots!

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Haul; Primark, Topshop, H&M, Bourjois etc.

So I did a bit of shopping this weekend and I thought I'd show you all a few of the things I bought :)

I love these bags, and for £6 I had to pick up both colours. For once they're not that cheap shiny plastic, and they look a bit chanel-esque what with the quilting and the chain, so obviously I had to have them!

This little beaut was in the sale for £3 so I popped it in my basket straight away! I love the patterns and how cute and small it is!

The standard stock up of tights! Such a bargain at £2.50 for 3 pairs!

Various skinny belts, I love the bright colours on these, will look so cute of contrasting dresses or tops!

A cheapo umbrella, because mine always break!

These lace sock things because they are the only thing I'll wear on my feet really, I hate socks.

Sorry I'm wearing this today! I've seen a lot of bloggers with this and saying it fits "weirdly" but on me it's actually quite flattering, so I'm not complaining! Looks very Zara to me, so for £6, it's worth trying on in store :) Even though how ridiculous are the queues for primark changing rooms?! Eurgh!

Haha I LOVE wearing these for days I just can't be bothered, so I had to stock up on some pretty colours. The purple, mulberry kinda colour was only in a size 14 so I bought it anyway, and I'll probably tuck it into high waisted shorts or something :)

I'm not really sure what drew me to this, but I liked the kinda mustard colour far too much so I found myself buying it! I'll probably wear it with leggings and a long top underneath :)

I bought this purely because of the colour, since the whole "marigold" colour came into fashion I've been looking for something everyday that colour, and this fits the bill completely, and for 7 quid! Lovely!

I found these two in Topshop "last chance to buy" section and I just HAD to have them! They're such pretty colours and completely fit in with the colour blocking trend, so I snapped them both up, luckily the blue was in a size 8 and the pink in size 10, which is slightly baggy but, I don't mind eating a few more cakes to fit into it!

In Tesco they were selling off a lot of make-up so I snapped up this bourjois lipstick and it's SO pretty and moisturising. It's called "Red Kiss" and it was down to just under £5!

I've been meaning to try out Bourjois eye shadows for so long! They were selling some off, and these were such gorgeous I couldn't resist! I love the dark emerald colour on the left and the beautiful blue! I can't wait to try these out!

And last but not least, my gorgeous Sigma F80 came through the post, so thankyou so much to this lovely blog I won it from! Definitely worth checking out lovelys!

And that's it! Hope you all had a lovely day!

Saturday, 23 July 2011

I'm baaaaaack! Holiday Haul :)

Hello my lovelys! I'm back from sunny Tenerife with burnt bits and orange legs, for some reason that's the only place I EVER seem to tan, ah well! I had a GORGEOUS holiday, not gonna lie my absolute favourite part of the hotel was when we arrived and an actual porter came to take out bags from reception. This might seem like a little thing to some of you, but in all the hotels I've ever been in this has only happened once before, and I don't know why I like this cute little touch but it really makes me smile :). Even though I couldn't quite forget completely about England, with BBC1 on our TV I HAD to stay in for the apprentice final one night - and God I'm glad I did, I LOVE TOM! and I had my first experience in an internet cafe trying to order my boudoir prive box, and what an experience that was; in a whole empty cafe, this "slightly odd" bloke decided to sit next to me then snoop on what I was doing fairly shamelessly, good times?! But I did manage to get some sun, make friends with various waiters for a free cocktail and spend a few euros ;) 

Urban Decay Naked Palette;
I've wanted this for SO BLOODY LONG! And when I saw it on the plane magazine thing I knew I had to have it, justifying it by the fact it was about a fiver cheaper than usual with the no tax thing. It's beautiful and completely lives up to the hype and I've used it everyday since I purchased it, and I love it so so much! I love a neutral eye so this has always been the perfect palette for me and ah I could just go on about it for hours and hours but everyone else already has so I'll spare you all the boredom! I know my spending ban was on among other things, neutral eyeshadows, but this.... well it's a little bit special isn't it? Therefore, it doesn't count!

Tangle Teezer;
Time for another rave, this is AMAZING! This has firmly found it's way to my handbag and I'll be carrying it around for the near future, I used it just after I'd got out of the rain and my hair was all frizzy and knotted and within seconds my hair was back to it's best. This is a completely holy grail product for anyone with long hair, especially if like mine, it has a tendency to get knotted easily. Plus it's fab for a bit of backcombing :)

Andrea Fulerton Stunning Nails;
I had to have this little set, I've been wanting to try one of the trios for ages, and I've seen a blog post on this one "petrol in the water" before and  I'm so excited to try it! Plus included is a top coat and what looks like a perfect nude. Add some glitter and a nail file and this was completely needed in my collection.

Miss Dior Cherie;
A repurchase, this is my "signature scent", I'm rubbish at describing scents so I'm not even going to try but if you haven't, give it a try when you're next near a fragrance shop, it's bloody lovely!

Nail Art Pens;
I went in a little souvenir shop, and saw these little beautys on one of the shelves, so I picked a few special colours up to add to my collection, and they were complete bargains at 2 euro each!

I'm not a bracelet kinda girl, but I couldn't resist having a look at a cute little jewellery shops closing down sale. These three beauts were reduced to 10 euros each, and they'll look gorgeous layered together, I may be converted on the bracelet front yet!

From various market stalls and little shops I found these for 3-4 euros each. They're all gorgeous and lovely additions to my already quite generous ring collection, so I might have to start making some new ring storage! If anyone has any ideas....!

Aloe Vera Face And Body Cream;
I thought this would be gorgeous as a night cream, but after reading it it explains itself as a good base for makeup, and it really is! I use it thickly on dry patches at night, and lightly as a base in the morning, and it smells so gorgeous and works so well! I don't even know what I'm gonna do when this runs out because I've completely fallen in love with it :(

Various Magazines;
And ofcourse, some reading material for the beach ;)

And if you don't want to see a load of holiday pictures, skip to the bottom now. From beautiful views, to Jungle and Loro Park, I took enough pictures to fill my whole bloody camera, but I've cut them down for you lucky lot to just the alright ones ;)

Anyway, a lovely woman contacted me whilst I was on holiday, and I have a "recruitment event" thing for this job at a fashion store I applied for. If you guys have any tips or tricks, let me know! And wish me luck, this is the first interview I've been to, so I'm hoping I don't completely mess up!
Hope all you lovely lot had a gorgeous two weeks!