Sunday, 31 July 2011

My New Favourite Lipstick, Haul and NOTD!

Hello my lovelysssss!
So I've been trying to quit wearing red lipstick ALL the time, so I dug this out. When the whole Sleek Lipsticks took off a few months ago, in a rush at Superdrug I picked this up, and from then I've pretty much shoved it in my lipstick collection and never reached for it again. But the other day I gave it a go and I actually LOVE it! Looking at the lipstick it looks a frankly terrifying purple, but on it goes on more of a bright fuschia and I really love it! I have pale skin and I've got so many compliments on it, and in my opinion this would look  flaming fabulous with a tan!

Also I'm just going to put it out there now how excited I am for Sleek Pout Paint! I've been meaning to try OCC Lip Tars for so long and never got round to it, so these are really something I'll be running to the shops to buy! I'm going to try and restrain myself and buy a only a few colours, and then the blue (Peek a bloo) and white (Cloud 9) to change the shade of them. I could easily buy them all but I'm going to do the best to try and be sensible! From blog posts and swatches I've seen I definitely fancy picking up Pin Up (top, far right) and Mauve Over (bottom, 2nd left).

So today I hit TJ Hughes after news a couple of weeks ago it was closing down. It's somewhere I've always gone now and again, maybe once a year or so and picked up a few cheapo nail polishes. I couldn't resist going before it closed so I went and picked up a few colours, I can't wait to give all these a go! Altogether they came to £7.23, so literally about a pound each, which considering a Revlon nail polish alone would cost you about 6 quid I'm a very happy girl :) I'm also definitely becoming an old woman as I was so fuming when two 12 year old girls were messing with all the makeup, product was spilling out everywhere. I don't mind if people mess around with testers, but when you're playing about with makeup people are actually going to buy it gets a little beyond a joke, especially when after opening every product on the shelf, they walked off not buying anything! 

I've transferred my nail polish collection into the office/spare room because it was taking up far too much space in my room! I've been trying to improve my nail art collection, and I've been thinking about buying some more nail art pens from Ebay, so if you guys have, let me know if they're good quality or not! I'll definitely do a nail polish post soon showing you everything in more detail!

And while we're on the topic of nails, say hello to my leopard print ones! If you've read my blog for a while you'll have seen these before, but whilst I'm job hunting I'm making sure I've always got them painted to perfection incase I get a last minute interview and I can impress with them!

Hope you beauts had lovely weekends!


  1. Love the nails at the end, shoudl do a tutorial xx

  2. Thankyou! It's really simple, so when I do them again later this week i'll photograph the steps! xxxx

  3. love the purple lipstick on you! my skin can get very fair but since I have more red undertones it sort of clashes with my skin :(
    and the OCC lip tars look so great! I'm not too familiar with them though, are they more of a lip stain or like a gloss?

  4. Thankyou! I have red undertones but it seems to work ok!
    I've never tried them, I think they're meant to last longer than a lipstick/lipgloss like a stain but have more of a glossy finish so like a lipgloss in that way, kind of a mixture of the two! xxx

  5. Those Pout Paints look amazing, I might have to get a few myself. I love your nails too :)


  6. Haha can't wait for them to be released, really gonna have to try and restrain myself aha! Thankyouuu xx

  7. I've stalked this blog once before but never followed...

    your leopard nails have convinced me. following!


  8. love your nails!
    that lipstick is such a preety colour :)