Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Haul; Stress Makes Me Shop!

Topshop originally £34, on sale for £15
I NEED to stop buying sheer tops but I couldn't resist this! Will look lovely with a bodycon skirt for a night out or skinny jeans in the day!

A boutique in Manchester - £6
I couldn't resist this for £6! Will look amazing over a white or even black dress with a belt, gorgeous!

A boutique in manchester £12
I love this for days I really can't be bothered! Looks good with just jeans or over a bodycon dress for evening!

Mod Box part of TK Maxx - £12.99
I LOVE this playsuit! The pattern is gorgeous, and I love the detailing. And such a bargain for £12.99, I can't wait til the weather inproves to wear this! :)

Coral Ring from H&M - £3.99
Bought this purely for the colour, so gorgeous! I love H&Ms range of rings at the moment!

Definitely a bargain for £1.99, I'll try this out and let you guys know! I like the fact there's two brushes, definitely handy for me to take on holiday :)

I've never tried out any of the george at asda makeup range, I like the look of the nail polishes so I've bought this one as a trial really :)

I LOVE this colour! Though I had a job getting it, it was completely sold out in peach in one of the local boots and the other only had a couple left! Such a beautiful subtle colour, especially in summer!

W7 Bronzer in Honolulu - £1.99
Such a bargain at just under £2!  I've seen various bloggers talk about this, it's a clear dupe for benefits "hula" with the "hawaii" vibe packaging and obvious similarity in shade. I don't own Hula, and seeing as it retails at £23.50, I think I'll see how I get on with this first!
W7 Multi Colour Bronzer in Africa - £1.99
Again another clear dupe, this time inspiration most likely came from the "brighten" section of the Too Faced Complexion Perfection Leopard Love Kit. This is BEAUTIFUL though, and probably my favourite purchase, I love the colour it blends to make (see swatches!)
W7 Candy Shimmer Pearls - around £1.50
I've been looking to buy some shimmer pearls for a while now, I think they make a beautiful effect as either blushes/bronzers or highlighters depending. The colour this creates could be used as either a very light blush/illuminator. I love love love them, though the packaging looks a little tacky - what can you expect for less than £2 though?! Overall very happy!

Hope you guys are having a good week so far! xoxoxoxoxo


  1. This is a lovely haul, I love the white sheer top and the nail varnish colour looks lovely! And the make up for under £2 is an absolute bargain! xxxx

  2. haha thankyou! I know right! LOVE a bargain at the moment :D Actually really surprised with the george range, quite a nice selection of colours! xx

  3. Sheer tops all the way! I love the white one though haha:) Lovely haul

  4. Thankyou! :) Addicted to buying them atm! xx

  5. I love sheer tops too, the first one is really gorgeous! I often don't know how to style them, so looking forward to seeing what you do :) xx

  6. I love wearing them! Got quite a few so might make a how to/endless options type thing soon! :) xx

  7. i couldn't agree w/ you more!! stress and shopping are great together!! love the white blouse and ring <3

  8. I'm awful with shopping when I'm stressed, I come back home and look at wbat i've bought thinking "WHY did i buy that?!" haha, thankyouuu! xx

  9. I love all those sheer tops they're so summery and I always tend to do the majority of my shopping during the exam period, such a good stress reliever albeit very expensive! x

  10. Haha my exams are nearly over, so time to save for holidays! it's probably my favourite stress reliever, until you look at your bank balance haha :) xx