Monday, 30 May 2011

How I Wear; Sheer Tops

1. I love this sheer shirt, I got it at a fairly good price of £14.99 from H&M. I love the fact it can be styled up with a bodycon skirt (this one is from topshop), I'd probably wear it like this for a meal out with family or something. I always wear a nude top underneath, I find if you let your bra show there's a very fine line between looking chic and looking like you're an extra on the only way is essex.
2. This is outfit 1 with just a black leather jacket and a bag I got from Primark yonks ago. I love the fact you can completely change this outfit by adding a jacket. I find outfit 1 pretty girly so adding a leather jacket gives it a little more edge. In my opinion everyone should own a leather jacket, you don't even have to spend a lot of money, there's always a few lying around in every charity shop for around £5. I would probably go out shopping or over to a friends in this.
3. I got this top from the sale in topshop for around £15. I LOVE IT! It can be styled with anything and I reckon it would look good with some skinny jeans, but I love it paired with these shorts. I'd never go out without tights with these shorts because they are so short and my legs are so pale i'd probably be scouted for a twilight movie. However I'll definitely be working this combination without the tights when I'm on holiday with the "Nobody knows me, therefore I'll wear what I want" mentality. I'd probably wear this with some wedges or gladiators and some massive sunglasses :)
4. Probably the most "dressed up" outfit. I got this massive white sheer top from a small one-off type boutique in Manchester and I love it! I put on a black plain bodycon dress from H&M underneath and a primarni belt. This is such a simple monochrome outfit it allows for bright colours in the form of clutches and shoes. It's also a great way to introduce yourself to the colour blocking trend, you can keep your dress fairly simple and add bright accessories!

And if the whole layering sheer tops over nude camis or other tops isn't for you, there are now a lot of dresses and tops available which have the slip underneath so no work is required at all! I love this dress from topshop I wore back in March for my cousins christening, the colour is lovely :)

I'd love to know how you guys wear your sheer tops! xoxoxoxox


  1. Love outfit four - definitely my favourite of the lot x

  2. thankyou! i think it's my favourite too! ;) xx

  3. You look so sweet! And all the outfits are lovely, I'm always very wary of sheer tops but might have to invest in one and a black skirt it looks lush! xxxx

  4. haha thankyou! You definitely should! And they're getting cheaper now in primarni and h&m :) I couldn't live without my black skirt! xx