Thursday, 19 May 2011

There's always time for a trip to Superdrug & Boots; Little Haul :)

I have 2 exams tomorrow, so I went into college with the full intention of having a massive revision session. I got myself excused out of my sociology and headed up to the library. Now not being a, "regular" so much at the library, I had no idea the ONE day of the entire year I actually needed to use it, it was closed early. So instead of going to any of the other various places there is in college to revise, the voice in my head going "you could go shopping before your train comes" overtook all my good "I need to revise" thoughts and before I knew it i was in boots.

There wasn't a whole lot I wanted, a few magazines for some easy reading for my train journeys, breaks between revision etc and some of the split end protection cream that was recommended to me, seeing as I'm avoiding haircuts at the moment because I love the length of my hair at the minute, and 1cm off means 3 inches to my hairdresser. However I got drawn in by the natural collection stand, and you can never just get one product with that damn 3 for £5 offer that's always on. I got another blush, because as I'm not a massive blush wearer I really don't like splashing out. I've had my eye on this lipstick for ages but never got round to buying it, it's called "raspberry" and it's a gorgeous dark plum colour. I picked up this eyeshadow "sea shell" despite the fact I must have about 10 other eyeshadows pretty much this exact colour. I also picked up two stains, a Revlon Just Bitten lipstain that also has a balm on the other end, at the moment boots are offering £2 off which makes it a much more affordable £5.99. Though warning: don't go swatching it, I've just learnt it's a bugger to get off! I'll be walking round with a red swatch on my hand for a few days! From superdrug I also picked up one of the 2true benetint/mememe dupes, the dark pink cheek and lip tint. I was interested in the lighter pink posietint dupe but it was completely sold out but I will probably pop back for it. When I've tried all these I might write a review on lip stains/lip and cheek tints because there does seem to be a lot appearing in the high street at the moment, and I do seem to have purchased a few recently.
Swatches :

Hope you guys are having a great day too!
Back to revision now, I can't physically wait for tomorrow to be over, I have 2 exams (law and sociology) neither of which i feel very prepared for! But atleast the weekend follows! xoxoxox


  1. I want to try the Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain, it looks good :)

  2. I may have to look into that spilt end protection stuff - my hair seems to be terrible for them even after getting cut. I think my hairs rebelling majorily against me.

  3. Think i might have to buy the raspberry lipstick, lovely colour :)

  4. my split ends are the same, honestly one day they'll be none and another they're everywhere! definitely excited to try it :D
    and i LOVE the raspberry lipstick, such a pretty shade! natral collection lipsticks are great for the price, so moisturising aswell! xx

  5. I love the selection of just bitten lipstains! there's quite a few I'm definitely considering getting :) especially at the moment while they're discounted. I have a gosh lipstain I bought a few weeks ago but i prefer this one a lot more! xx

  6. I do the same thing most of the time. Instead of revising I get tempted to shop:D nice haul:)
    much love from a new follower!<3

  7. I'm such it's stress that drives me to shop (more!) I alway end up getting home and thinking "WHY did i just buy that!"
    thankyou, i've just checked out your blog and i love it! xxx