Thursday, 11 August 2011

OOTD #015; She Buys Me Chips and Cheese and I Tell Her That I Love Her, That She's All I Need...

top; H&M, skirt; topshop, bag; H&M, shoes; primark ring; matalan

Hi lovelys!
I'm aware this outfit is a bit marmite, personally I like it. I like the bright pink and marigold combination, usually I'm really subtle with colour blocking but I've been meaning to try these two together since I bought these pieces. I'm so happy brights and colour blocking are here to stay through Autumn/Winter, I've loved all the colour in my wardrobe this summer! I'm already excited about the gorgeous jumpers that are going to hit shops soon! (I know, I know.... it's only august.)
Inspiration from;
Miss Olivia Palermo ofcourse! 

I've never tried any cream-to-powder foundations, because I didn't really think they were something that would suit my dry skin. However when this was advertised for dry/normal skin I had to give it a go, especially as there was a deal where if you bought selected makeup you could get a foundation of your choice for £2! I apply this with a Sigma F80 brush as opposed to the sponge that comes with the foundation, and they work like a dream together. The colour "ivory" is the lightest shade in the range, and fits my skin perfectly. This claims to be a foundation, concealer and powder in one, and I'd pretty much agree on the foundation and concealer part, as you can see from my outfit picture, I have a lot of redness and blemishes on my face aswell as dark circles, but with the foundation (I used NO concealer!) my skin is completely flawless. The only thing I have a problem with is that this ISN'T a cream-to-powder foundation, it never turns to a powder, it just stays as a cream and for that reason I'd say it's not very suitable for oily skin as it does give a dewy finish and would not be long lasting on oily skin. This isn't something I'll be using right now, as it is very high coverage, but this is definitely a shout for anyone wanted a high coverage foundation, I'll be using it for nights out when I want flawless skin and the winter, I usually use a lot less coverage in the summer!

Also I realised yesterday, it's VERY close to exam results time, infact I get my results in about a weeks time as far as I'm aware, so good luck to everybody! I'm not returning to college in September so it's not the end of the world if I don't get decent results, but I put so much hard work in beforehand I'm really hoping I'm pleasantly surprised!

I haven't really posted in the past few days because there was a lot going on England in way of riots, and in all honesty I've spent most of my time watching sky news and seeing the Miss Selfridge I was hoping to get a pair of shoes from this weekend go up in flames, not nice!
Anyway, I hope you all have a gorgeous weekend and hopefully we've seen the end of the riots!


  1. this is the perfect transitioning-to-autumn!

  2. Good luck with your exam results - I remember how nerve wreaking it gets!

  3. gorgeous, love this! (but I don't love marmite haha.) and the foundation sounds really interesting, have to try it! x

    ramz and the flock

    p.s I'm actually watching The Devil wears Prada now, haha!

  4. Thankyou lovely! In manc it's practically autumn, cold and rainy :( xxx
    Thankyou! I'm surprisingly calm as of yet, I usually go into full panic mode the night before :( xxx

    Thankou lovely, haha I'm not a fan of marmite either, yuuuuck! Haha, LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Can't believe we've neglected it haha! xxx

  5. i love this outfit! Think that's the skirt i wanted from topshop :( They sold out too quick online and nowhere for miles had it! I love the colours!
    Lucy xx

  6. Great outfit- I love the colour clash :) xx

  7. I personally love a bit of orange and pink together, you look great!
    Good luck with the exam results! xx

  8. Aw! I found mine on the "last chance to buy" bit, definitely check out that! xxx

    Thankyou lovely! xxx

    Haha thankyou! I thought they were so much further away, less than a week! xx

  9. i love these colours together, how bright is that skirt! colour blocking is a bit hit and miss in my opinion but i really do love your outfit xx

  10. Haha thankyou! I agree, colour blocking can either look good or really bad! xxx

  11. Colour blocking - you're a babe.