Monday, 8 August 2011

Marble Nails?!

Job hunting is going painfully slowly, there's just no jobs I'm interested in at the moment, and no money means not much going out and definitely not much spending! So I decided to waste a few hours trying to master marble nails, I've watched so many tutorials on youtube, and they make it look so EASY! But it's definitely harder than it looks, and a lot messier!

What you will need;
  • A cup/glass/container full of not too hot and not too cold (I know, so PICKY) water
  • Nail polish remover
  • Cotton buds to wipe off excess nail polish around your nails
  • Sellotape and scissors
  • Cotton wool to remove any nail polish should it go wrong.
  • Something with a point (Cocktail stick, etc) to swirl the nail polish in the water
  • A surface that should you spill any nail polish, you can easily remove it with nail polish remover (i.e. not your duvet or something!)
  • Nail Polishes of your choice, I chose Sally Hansen Pardon My French, Barry M Black and W7 Bright Pink.

Excuse my manky unpolished nail! Sellotape all the way around the nail, so when you dip it in the water/nail polish combo it goes on the tape instead of all over your fingers!

Now the tricky bit! It took me a good while to get this right, but get your nail polish and drop a bit into the water, then get your next colour and drop that colour INTO the little circle the previous colour has created. If all goes to plan you'll end up with something a bit like the image above. This has to be done fairly quickly, so make sure all your colours are in easy reach and all their tops have been opened. 

Now with your cocktail stick or alternative, swirl the colours around in the surface of the water to create a marble swirl effect (above). Then dip your finger in, with your cocktail stick move any of the nearby nail polish still on the surface until it's clear and take your finger out of the water!

It should end up a little bit like this, see why you put the sellotape on now?! Now repeat these steps on all of your nails!

When your nails are done, remove the sellotape and you should end up with a slightly messy look similar to the one above! You will never get the same effect on every nail so embrace the uniqueness of each nail!

Tidy your nails up with nail polish remover on a cotton bud and then add a top coat, I used Andrea Fulertons Gloss Up Overcoat. Clear up any mess, aaaaaand your done!

Hope you like them! It's my first time giving them a go, I don't think they look too bad!


  1. ee, these are lush! they turned out really well. and hope you find a job soon, good luck!

    ramz and the flock

  2. Aw Thankyou love! I hope so too, going shopping with no money is far too painful ha! xxx

  3. I love these! Definately going to give them a go, thanks very much :) xx

  4. Thankyou! Let me know if you do I want to see picturesss! :) xxx

  5. wow, i love this :)

    i really want to try this myself!!

    I love the colours you've used aswell!!!

  6. Thankyou lovely! Definitely give it a go! :)xxx

  7. Thanks for this post. Ive been wondering how to do this right for ages


  8. This is great but I doubt I would be able to do this.

  9. Wow do they look good! I wish I could find the time to splash out and do them x

  10. Aw Thankyou, hopefully I helped a little bit! It's kinda confusing though haha! xxx

    Thankyou, aw give it a go, it's not too bad it you get a little practice! xxx

    Thankyou! They are a bit time consuming, but so worth it! xxx

  11. this creates insane detail! you pull it off well xxx

  12. woww you're so creative dear, cute nailart..i love it :D

  13. Thankyou, means a lot! :) xx

  14. I tried this out a while ago and its super fun :) Going to try it out again soon :)

    Love Christine ♥

  15. I know right?! Definitely something to do when you have an afternoon free! xxx

  16. Haha these are pretty original! Well done :)