Saturday, 6 August 2011

Products Under £5 I'm Loving At The Moment!

I missed the whole July favourites boat, so I thought I'd do something different this month! Being in college this year has meant I've really been on a budget, so I've tried a LOT of cheap makeup, and these are some of my favourite products. Everything mentioned are products I've used a lot, whether I got them a month ago or 6 months ago. I'm not saying I prefer these products to other products I've spent more on, but these are all more than decent alternatives and things that are always in my makeup bag! All these products are amazing quality and things I wouldn't think twice about repurchasing!
Natural Collection Tinted Moisturiser £1.99 - With a cheap company like Natural Collection you're never going to get a perfect product, especially not where foundation/tinted moisturiser is concerned. I've heard a lot of bad reviews off people with dry skin about this product, but I can honestly say I have dry skin and I didn't have any problems. I have to say I don't think it's moisturising AT ALL, and I still apply moisturiser before I apply this. I am incredibly pale, especially on my face and so I got the colour "fair" not exactly optimistically thinking it'd probably come out orange, as with a lot of drugstore brands lightest shades. However, this gives me a bit of healthy colour and glow without looking like a shiny orange, and I'd say a medium coverage. It has to be blended well do avoid any patches but it lets my skin breathe and with just a dab of concealer over the top, it's perfect for holiday or days you want to look more natural!
Collection 2000 Pressed Powder in Ivory £1.99 - I remember using this about age 14! I suffer from dry skin so I never want a heavy powder, because it leaves me with a cake face. However I like to use powder to buff in my foundation and concealer, and this works a treat! Something I wouldn't recommend to people who suffer from oily skin, because I don't think it would do a particularly good job about protecting against shine for the duration of a day, but if you have normal/dry skin, I definitely recommend this, it's so cheap aswell!
Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer £4.19 - I couldn't NOT mention this! Best concealer I've ever used, I have a massive collection of concealers that are too orange, too light coverage, too cakey, the complete wrong shade, and this is just perfect! I do own one in "light" which is fairly orange, but the "fair" shades are perfect for anyone with really pale skin! 

Beauty UK Baked Blusher in Peaches and Cream £3.99 - I've never really been big on blush, I spend half my time in a morning getting RID of my pink cheeks, but this is one of the first blushes that really converted me! I've always been a fan of glowy skin, and this blush is fairly sheer but leaves you a gorgeous peachy glow on your cheeks that I must say I'm a massive fan of. Most of the time if I do reach for a blush it's this one, and I've used blush more than I ever have before since owning it. If you're looking to try a baked blush, Beauty UK are definitely a good place to start!
W7 Honolulu Bronzer around £2 - Obvious dupe for Benefits Hoola, this is a matt brown shade, pretty much the only type of bronzer I'll use and fantastic quality for the price! I'm pale (as I've already mentioned 3582042 times so far on this post) and for a while I wouldn't step anywhere near a bronzer, let alone a scary dark one like this! It's highly pigmented, and I really have to use this with a light hand or I would end up with a dirt on face look, but it's what I reach for when I want a more bronzed look, as there's definitely more colour payback than my everyday bronzer, the Bourjois chocolate one!

Collection 2000 Big Fake False Last Effect Mascara £4.99 - I actually HATED this when I first got it. I've always loved massive dramatic lashes, and I've had my share of clumpy awful looking spider lashes along the way, and on a 3 for 2 deal in Boots I picked this up, oblivious of the hype surrounding it. I tried it, thought it was rubbish, threw it into a draw and in all honesty, forgot all about it. Then, maybe a month later, I started seeing blog posts and youtube videos going on about this mascara, so I decided to give it a go. It must of dried out a bit or something, but anyway it was WAY better than it was before! I personally prefer it as a second coat over another mascara, but its fine alone aswell. Definitely worth picking up if your looking for a cheap mascara!
MUA Eyeshadows £1 each - I must admit, until I started following beauty blogs and youtubers, I turned my nose up at those really cheap make up stands. 2True, MUA, Natural Collection, I just wasn't interested. I must admit, when I first used to look on the Natural Collection stand I used to sneak to it, grab an eyeshadow and run to the till as fast as possible. I don't know why, it just seems once you pass the 13/14 mark, there's a certain "look" you get off other women when you hit the stand; a similar look to what the audience give greasy haired chavs on the Jeremy Kyle show, maybe this is just my area but there's a fair amount of stigma attached to those sort of stands. Anyway, cheap makeup doesn't always mean bad quality, and although I'm not saying everything in their stands is top notch, you can't go wrong with MUA eyeshadows OR lipstick for that matter, It's ONE POUND, and personally if I'm thinking of experimenting with a colour, I'll look at the cheap stands first just so I can try it with different looks when I get home and see if said colour suits me or not. Definite value for money!

Carmex £2.69 - Absolute staple, genuinely do not know what I'd do without it. Only thing that cures my dry lips, absolute holy grail product and for under £3 you can't really complain!
Barry M Lip Paint in 151 Sunset £4.49 - I find Barry M Lip Paints to be a bit hit and miss in terms of quality, there are a good few really chalky drying shades I would never leave the house with on, because they make my lips look bloody awful! But this one is moisturising and a gorgeous coral colour, something I definitely wouldn't wear without bronzer, but on tanned skin this looks amazing and the packaging is gorgeous for the price!
Sleek True Colour Lipstick in Heartbreaker £3.99 - I've been promoting these lipsticks no end and you're probably sick of hearing about them but they honestly are some of the best quality lipsticks for the price! There are so many shades you're easily going to find one to suit you, and the pigment is SO amazing I'm so in love. Definitely worth a try!

And that's it! 10 products I can't live without, all for under £5. I tried to do it so you could do a whole face of make-up with each product costing less than a fiver and I think I just about managed it. I know a few other good lipstick brands for under £5, but I didn't want to take up the whole blog post with them, so I might make another blog post on lip products. I tried to include one of everything if I could, but I just don't own good quality products under £5 for every area, for example I always use gel eyeliners, all over £5, and to tell you one of the pencil eyeliners I use once in a blue moon and are a pain in the backside to put on are among my favourite products is both unrealistic and stupid. Again with highlighters, I don't own one that cost me less than a fiver and for that reason I didn't include it. 

Hope you're all having a gorgeous weekend!


  1. awesome idea! so helpful, I've just googled nearly all of these hahah x

    ramz and the flock

  2. Such a great post! I swear by Barry M lipstick :) xxx

  3. Haha thankyou lovely! All worth a try! xx
    Thankyou hun. I definitely need to try a few more, such gorgeous shades! xx

  4. Totally agree on the MUA eyeshadows, seriously can't believe these are only a pound :) really helpful list :) x

  5. Thankyou! All the MUA range is such a bargain! Such good quality considering the price :) xx