Wednesday, 6 July 2011

What's In My Travel Bag/Travel Make-up Bag!

Hi lovelys! So I usually take three bags in my suitcase, one for haircare and skincare and the other for make up and then I always keep my toothbrush and toothpaste separate in another little bag, which I haven't photographed purely because, it's not exactly interesting stuff. I fly out to Tenerife on friday for two weeks, so hence why I'm bringing quite a lot of makeup. I'm going at about 9am friday morning, which means I have to be at the airport at 6am (eurgh!) so I've packed my little travel bags today, so tomorrow I can do my makeup, just using what's in the make up bag and see if anything missing!

So first, my travel bag of skincare and haircare:
I always bring face packs, just incase my skin gets in quite bad condition, so I've brought these little packs from Avon.

1. I'm hoping to buy some perfumes at duty free, so I'm only bringing one with me, the DKNY be delicious in fresh blossom. This is such a light scent and is perfect for summer. I'm also bringing a spray I got as a little loyalty present from my Avon rep a couple of orders ago, which I love and I'm so grateful to her, because it's something I'd probably never of bought. Anyway it reminds me of summer and holiday, so that's why I'm taking it above my other sprays. And ofcourse deodrant is a must!
2. I'm bringing a comb because this helps detangle my hair and my hair always seems to be worse on holiday, also I can really backcomb and add volume to my hair with this.  A brush, for obvious reasons! I bought this VO5 2 in 1 shampoo so I don't have to bring a conditioner and it's a cute size that should last me the duration. And dry shampoo is a must, and batiste is easily my favourite, I've gone for the Tropical one!
3. Bringing these little nail polish remover pads are so much easier than bringing a big bottle of nail polish remover, and much lighter! I bought a travel size pack of face wipes because I usually use massive packs that would just take up too much room, these are from nivea and I don't think I've ever tried them, but my skin isn't really sensitive so they should work just aswell as all the rest I've tried :) Next are cotton buds. cotton wool and little pads. These are for my toner and removing eye make up, I use cotton buds to perfect my eyeliner aswell if it goes a bit wonky :)
4.I used the little bottles from the hotel bathroom last year, you know those free shampoos and body washes and stuff? Those bottles :) I put my Simple eye make up remover in one, Garnier 7 day moisturizer and my No7 toner in the other. I haven't gone mad this year, because my skins better than it has been for ages and I don't really need a massive skin routine.
5. Bobbles and bobbypins are essentials, I have my hair up a lot on holiday, purely because my hairs really long and I'm about 50x hotter with it down than up. I brought my Vaseline lip balm which I use at night, because I find it takes ages to soak in, but by morning my lips are so soft! I've brought two scrubs, the Clinique scrub and also the Sanctuary one. The Clinique one I'll be using on my face, and the Sanctuary on the rest of my body.

Now my makeup bag!

Now powder is quite essential for holiday, I have dry skin, but even I find with the help of a tinted moisturizer my skin is looking a bit on the shiny side. My favourite of the moment is the 17 Shine Control Loose Powder which doesn't make you completely matte but still controls your shine (hence the name). I use bronzers more than usual when I'm on holiday, because my body tans and my face usually doesn't, probably due to the high protection I always put on to avoid burning. I've gone for the beautiful Bourjois bronzer and my favourite Fake Bake Bronze Shimmer Brick Light, which I'll be putting underneath my tinted moisturiser to give me glowy skin, hopefully! For blushes, I've been enjoying the Topshop Blush in Flush which gives you a cheeky flush of colour, and a Beauty UK Baked Blush in Peaches and Cream, which gives a beautiful finish and my current favourite blush!

I'm only bringing neutral eyeshadows for my trip, and a lot of my favourites are from Avon. I've brought my Avon Quad in Tiger Eyes, which has a perfect colour for my brows, and 3 other beautiful neutral brown colours. Natural Collections Seashell is a perfect base, Clinique sample duo in Sea Shore is perfect for a smoky eye and an Avon baked eyeshadow in Moonsand is a beautiful shade. Not forgetting my Avon Neutral Tone Palette, which is perfect for barely there natural eye makeup :)

Lips products are probably what I'm bringing the most of. I just have such a diverse lip colour day to day, I couldn't NOT bring a couple of shades, plus there's not much you can do with your eyes when you've got sunglasses on all day, so you can really work a more brave colour on your lips. Natural Collection Raspberry is a beautiful "raspberry" shade (I know, I'm an A* Blogger) and as it's one of the moisture shine lipsticks, it's gorgeous for dry lips and a completely bargain at £1.99 :) Sleeks "Vixen" is a classic red, and can be worn fully for a dramatic lip, or put on lightly for a much more wearable colour. Topshop Lipstick in On The Town is a beautiful Lilac colour, which comes more on the lips as a baby pink/lilac, which is a lot more wearable than you would think, I'm definitely keen to get a few more Topshop lippies. 17s Beehive is a must for everyone and can be worn alone or over another shade, just a must have! The Jemma Kidd coral lipgloss free with Red magazine has quickly become a favourite and I love wearing this alone for a slight coral colour on the lips. A clear lipgloss, this one is from Clarins, is essential to put over every lip colour to add some super shine! Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain and Balm in Flame is my personal favourite lip stain, and a beautiful colour, that's a lot more wearable than some other bright red shades. And finally Carmex, because it's a bloody essential for us dry lip sufferers!

My favourite eyeliner is easily maybelline gel eyeliner, so ofcourse it's the one i'm taking! Other years i've taken a black, brown, grey, blue etc but I ever use half of them so I'm sticking to boring black. I'm bringing 3 mascaras, purely because I use all 3 on a day to day basis and they work hand in hand to create my everyday eyes and well, I need them all. All worth a try, I don't think SuperFull works very well at all alone, but adds amazing length on top of a good volume mascara.

the primer I'm using at the moment is the one from Avon (I know, this has turned into a bit of an Avon love post) and I'm sure it's not the best out there and I probably won't repurchase but it does do the job. I'm bringing my Healthy Mix foundation to wear at night when I want more coverage and the Natural Collection Tinted moisturiser for in the day. I'll pair these both with the Collection 2000 concealer. Mine is running out, and I'm hoping it lasts me the 2 weeks orelse I'll have to try something while I'l abroad and I don't hold out much hope for any store holding the "milk bottle white" kinda shade. And High Beam, free with this months/last months Glamour purely because it's smaller than my dupe MeMeMe full sized version. 

Here's my collection of drugstore brushes I'm taking. These are the brushes I use all the time on a day to day basis so these are the ones I'll be using. Instead of bringing either of my foundation brushes I've decided on bringing my QVS "The Airbrush" as it gives me a much lighter and more flawless coverage, and despite shedding a little when I first bought it, I adore it at the moment. There's a fair few eyeshadow brushes I'm taking as I tend to wear more eyeshadow than I normally would on holiday, and a few angled brushes and my little kabuki for bronzer and blush etc.

l-r GOSH Lavender Love and Peachy, Barry M Mint Green, Berry Ice Cream and Coral And W7 (doesn't say a name).
These are all quite summery colours, and I couldn't only bring ONE nail polish, I'm far too indecisive. I narrowed it down to these 6 favourite summer shades, and I love them all. GOSH nail paints aren't talked about enough, they are beautiful even if they don't have the best shade range.

So that's it! Tomorrow I'm packing, so if I have time I might do a little post, but otherwise from Friday I'll be away for two weeks in sunny Tenerife! I'm not going to have internet access at all, so obviously during that time I won't be able to respond to any comments and I won't be making any new posts, though hopefully on the break reading a LOT of magazines will fill me with a lot of inspiration and ideas of posts I can do when I get back.
Love you all!


  1. your definitely the queen of holiday organisation! I'm dreadful! nothing finds its place and I'm bound to leave something behind!

    Have a lovely and safe trip :)

  2. Haha thankyou love! I've had so many years having to buy 358329048230 things on holiday cause I forget everything this year I'm determined to bring everything I need! xxxx

  3. Oh my gosh you are so organised in your packing and have taken so much more than I would ever think, all the nail varnishes I would never think to pack but they look lovely! Fully agree with you that natural collection lipsticks are a bargain, have a couple of cheeky natural collection things in my make up bag as well xxxx

  4. Haha I always pack with every possible think I think I might ever need haha! Thought I was downsizing this year but seems like I've got more than ever! Love natural collection, even though the packaging is crap the products are usually decent! :) xxx

  5. Have a blast! I'm organised but I wish I was THIS organised. I just kind of throw everything in a bag. x hivenn

  6. Haha I'm majorly organised when it comes to things like this, completely not for important stuff! xx