Tuesday, 5 July 2011

OOTD #012; Her Kisses May Be A Beautiful Art, But She Don't Really Care About Your Heart...

top - primark shorts - matalan rings - h&m and topshop
This is definitely my favourite way to wear a crop. I don't think I'd EVER be confident enough to get my stomach full on out in the UK, and if I did I'd be so conscious of it the entire time it wouldn't even be worth it. Definitely a fan of crops combined with something high waisted and just letting the smallest part of your waist show though, definitely the most flattering! My nail polish has chipped like a bitch, time to invest in a more expensive top coat than natural collection I think?! I'm having the annual haircut tonight, and I genuinely mean annual, it gets cut once a year before holiday every year. Last year was a massive cut (the hairdressers choice, not mine), so this time around I'm going to much more strict on her and get about an inch and a half off. I'm going on holiday to Tenerife on friday, so you'll obviously see a lack of posts (well, none at all) for the two weeks I'm away. I'm starting the packing tomorrow, because I usually think I have something I don't, go in full panic mode at the last minute that I actually chucked out that pair of really comfy flip flops last year etc, so wednesday afternoon/thursday morning packing allows me the rest of thursday to rush to the shops and buy something if I need to.
I'll probably to a "what's in my travel bag" post before I go, and if I get time, a post of actually packing my suitcase. I'm trying to dramatically downsize, luckily the past few years we've been given extra baggage allowance so I've gone a bit mad, but this year although we've still got the baggage allowance I'm gonna try and keep it light, and then I can pick up lots while I'm away.
I'm thinking about picking up a couple of perfumes in duty free, if you have any recommendations let me know! I'm definitely repurchasing my Miss Dior Cherie, but I fancy trying something else aswell :)


  1. love the way you did this with the crop top, it looks so pretty! hope you have a nice holiday!


  2. haha I'm the same with the old annual haircut! I try and leave cutting my hair until absolutely necessary!

    Also I find men cutting my hair a much better experience they always listen to what you ask for I think its because they don't want a crying woman on their hands! Whereas women hairdressers (I find) are a lot more scissor happy!

    Good luck with the hair cut and have a brill holiday :)

    Maryam x

  3. Thankyou so much! :) xxx

    Haha it's a nightmare! Seriously? Might have to find a male hairdresser next! It didn't go too bad, she cut slightly more than I wanted but I told her around fifteen times ONLY AN INCH to which everytime she'd reply "so.... a couple of inches yeah?" :| haha! Thankyou! xxx

  4. oh yh i've had my fair share of disastrous haircuts and definitely the best by far has been when men have cut my hair, they take their time too.
    Haha I always find them saying but its so dead you need three inches off to which I release my most devilish stare! xx

  5. Haha amazing! Yeah I hate that, I always try and put every single hair product in before I get mine cut so it looks in decent condition and hopefully they won't chop too much off! xxx

  6. Good luck with the packing and have a blooming lovely holiday! Your outfit looks super cute as do your rings! xxxx

  7. Thankyou lovely! :) xxx

    Thankyou! Haha I HATE packing! Never enough room for everything! xxx

  8. I tend to wear high waisted shorts or jeans with crop tops too as its way more flattering I think! love the shorts, such a lovely blog, definatley following XXX

  9. Thankyou lovely! Just checked your blog out, love it! xxx

    Thankyou! :) xxx