Thursday, 7 July 2011

Off To Sunny Tenerife, The Crazy Joys Of Packing...

So I've been busy packing! I've not including EVERYTHING I've packed, I didn't think anyone particuarly cares about what colour vest tops I'm bringing or my selection of pants. But here's a few things I've packed, and jesus christ, it took some very hard decision making to cut down my original "14 of everything" plan.

BOOKS! Much like my movie taste, my book taste is predictable romance with a cheeky bit of comedy slipped in. Always makes for a good read, and I've never been into taking anything too confusing on my holidays.

My make-up bag, travel bag and this little jewellery box I'm bringing earrings and rings in. I don't really wear necklaces and bracelets so I'm not bothering bringing any.

I'm bringing a nice little selection of sun tan lotion. I always use 15 for my face and use 10 and moving onto 6 on my body. I love the banana boat tanning dry oil, because usual tanning oil makes you look so greasy, but this smells gorgeous like coconut and is as it says, a dry oil This year I managed to bag some clear scalp protector, which is a god send because usually my scalp gets burnt and really dry, but this time this should stop that :)

Dresses, Playsuits and Kaftans for on the beach, and of course my most loved maxi. So great for when I inevitably badly burn my legs and need to cover them up for a bit.

Evening Dresses. I love all 4 of these dresses, my absolutely favourites and the two middle dresses will look amazing with a tan!

More dresses I'll be wearing at night, my trusty bodycons are probably a must for every trip I go on, They're beautiful alone, or underneath a baggy top.

Tops I'll be wearing either with bodycons at night, or with shorts in the day :)

I love these tops, again can be worn with bodycons or with shorts, so versatile :)

My favourite bodycon skirts, all will be perfect for at night when it's gone cooler and you want to dress up a bit more. Love them all, and work with every outfit.

I'm definitely on a denim short hype at the moment, These are my favourites, all varying lengths and styles which gives me a bit of selection, and the paperbag shorts on the end are crazy cute!

Assorted patterned shorts courtesy of Matalan ;) These are such a bargain!

I've really limited myself down with shoes this time, because I want to pick up a few while I'm away. These are all comfy!

My lovely primarni belts! I use these all the time, infact they're pretty much the only belts I use, and with being black and brown they go with every outfit! And so small, so they don't take up much room.

HAND LUGGAGE! I'm not taking a lot this year in hand luggage, because I want to pick up all my magazines and a few other bits in duty free and so I'm leaving it fairly empty.

Nintendo DS (hahaha how old is this now? I must of had it 6 years). Not gonna lie, I let out my inner nerd on this and love a bit of sudoku!

Pukka pad ;) For any blog idea/anything I need to note down!

iPod and Blackberry and both their chargers, I can't live without either of these babies. I'll also be bringing my camera and charger, but obviously I can't show that :)

Sunglasses! I usually break about 2 a trip so I've brought three and hopefully I'll come home with atleast one still intact

Two purses, one for English money, one for euros! I get far too confused if I try and keep it all in one place :)

and finally my LUXURY ;) eye mask! I had to pay about 6 quid last year in the airport for this bad boy, and it's the comfiest, loveliest thing for travelling. Despite the fact I'm on a day flight I'm still planning to get my iPod in, this on and let the hours fly by ;)

Now to celebrate I'm....... drinking LIDL Shandy. I know, you can't buy class like mine ;)
Anyway excuse the "not looking very happy" expression, I've been trying to contact this company I've applied for a job with, and completely failing at the moment. Ah well!
So obviously I won't be able to respond to any comments or post etc for the two weeks I'm away, so try not to miss me too much ;) haha, hope you beauts have a lovely fortnight whatever you're doing!


  1. You look lovely, hope you have a great time :D


  3. Awesome books! The outfits were also lovely :)

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  4. pretty pictures and nice blog.
    I followed you!

  5. I like your poster "Keep calm and go shopping" and I LOVE LOVE LOVE your maxi!! So gorg :) Have lots of fun on your trip xx -Lerin

  6. Thankyou guys for you're lovely comments! xxx

  7. I've only been reading your blog for about ten minutes but I am now in love with it :) xx

  8. Aw stop it you charmer! ;) Thankyou thankyouuuuu! xxx