Monday, 13 June 2011

What's In My Bag?!

I've been meaning to do this post for so long. Now college is over, I've finally taken all my college stuff out and we're left with the interesting stuff (.... well not really, but MORE interesting)
I seem to spend half my life on the train, and I'm pretty sure there is some sort of unwritten rule on my train that you must either be reading something or playing on your phone AT ALL TIMES, and no eye contact with anyone else should ever be made. My reads at the moment are Red Magazine and Glamour :)
Meet my well kept diary. I searched through to find the busiest page just to impress you all with my skills. Feel free to have a look at all I revised for psychology unit 2! This lies around my bag the majority of the time, only seeing daylight when I have to write important things down, everything else I put in my phone.

So this is everything I keep in my little cosmetics bag. Mascara, eyeliner, concealer, nude eyeshadow, nude lipstick, solid perfume, a hairbrush, carmex and moisturiser (not entirely sure when I'd ever need moisturiser but you never know!). This goes with me pretty much everywhere, and we share many memories of wonky eyeliner and lipstick all over my face train journeys...

This is my "first aid kit" which is indeed, a baby wipe container. And yes, I look a complete fashion icon when I whip this out of my bag! I keep incredibly on trend Mr Sneeze tissues, plasters, paracetamol, hair bands, a safety pin, which for some reason I'm comforted by, and I do genuinely believe should any of my clothes ever split, one safety pin will suffice to fix the problem.

These two babies are taken everywhere with me. I love my baby blackberry to absolute bits, even though I seem to leave it everywhere (college classrooms, the canteen, the train....) and I've dropped it more times than I could count, but it still sticks by me! And no train journey is complete without my iPod, though I don't really get that much use out of it, I'd never sit with my friends listening to my iPod and ignoring them all like SOME people do! ;)

My leopard print umbrella! Matches my nails, and is usually booted out of my bag when it's too heavy, and then as luck would have it.. IT RAINS. Also gets left everywhere, but I've had it for a good few months now so has probably broken some kind of umbrella keeping and not breaking record.

My beautiful purse! This was quite a purchase from Topshop last year at just under £30, but my god was it worth it! This is probably one of my favourite items, and home to pretty much every store advantage card there is!

At the bottom of my bag you can expect to find these "goodies". Old train tickets (which BTW does anyone do anything with? I feel like I should do something quirky and imaginative with them but I really have no idea what), too many £5 No7 vouchers, receipts, broken nail files, half done Mcdonalds free coffee thingys, all the good stuff!

I always seem to have more than one spray in my bag, my current favourite is this vanilla body spray by boots, it costs about 2 quid and it smells AMAZING! I've already repurchased once, it's just SO nice! And this little spray from Avon which smells of vanilla and fruit (there is a pattern emerging here, I quite like the smell of vanilla....), is really handy when I want something that's going to last longer than the body spray!

There is always without fail, a half drunk drink and some form of sweets in my bag, This weeks choice is 7up and skittles ;)

A scarf if it should rain and I have no umbrella, the idea being i put it over my head and it will shield me from torrential rain. That's my logic anyway. 

A spoon is ALWAYS handy, I have one in each of my everyday bags, and they are great should you fancy buying some ice cream or yoghurt from a supermarket at dinner time... maybe that's only me. A mirror, this ones from Ruby & Millie and my current favourite, and a comb that's amazing for a bit of backcombing :)

Finally the rest, there's always some tictacs, a load of pens that usually don't work, a nail file, a ring of some sort and a highlighter in my bag. Not sure why.

I seem to keep a LOT of junk I'll probably never need in my bag, and then chuck out all the important stuff, which probably isn't the winning formula. I realized half way through making this, I have complete rubbish in my bag, so apologies!


  1. Haha thankyou! And I'm the same haha, make up collection, bags, makeup bags, literally anything! so nosy! xx

  2. A spoon! haha love it xx

  3. Haha it's an essential! xx

  4. Love you carry a spoon around and I too have that logic about scarf's and rain!

  5. Haha, it gets a lot of use! I'm glad I'm not the only one on that! xx

  6. Fab love these posts, I love my Blackberry too :-) x

  7. Thankyouuu!I couldn't live without mine! And I like that I can throw it around and it still works ;) xx

  8. what a nice post , me too i always bring ipod <3


  9. Thankyou, haha it's a essential for every journey I make! xx

  10. Wow. Your bag is inside and out like mine!! Every thing in it is in yours!! Massive fan of your blog Helen, please follow me at:

    Elle x

  11. Haha seriously?! Amazing! Thankyou, and I'll check it out now! xxxx

  12. I love that bag! I have that vanilla body spray, such a gorge smell!


  13. thankyou! It's lovely isn't it? LOVE vanilla atm! xx

  14. I love your bag! it's such a pretty color brown :) I've been trying to find one like that that is a warm honey brown.

  15. amazing nails! I also keep millions of junk in my bag too then complain about it being too heavy haha! That vanilla spray looks like the kind of thing I'd love, will defo be picking that up next time I go to boots xx

  16. Thanks! It's so loved by me haha, I got mine from H&M :) xx

    Thankyou! Same, then I always chuck out the important stuff and leave the junk! It is gorgeous, and so cheap! xx