Saturday, 11 June 2011

OOTD #008; I'm Just Saying, You Could Do Better. & Leopard Print Nails!

blouse; republic skirt; topshop belt; primark bag; tesco
rings; h&m and topshop bangles; primark

I've not really done much today, just been out to the shops briefly and visited some family. I really don't want to get my hair cut, but I haven't now for about a year and I think I probably should. I just hate the fact with my hairdresser, I say 2cm off, and next thing I've got literally shoulder length hair. But I don't want to end up like Rapunzel so I think I'll have the chop just before I go on holiday :)

So this morning I decided to paint my nails Leopard Print! It's probably one of the first nail art designs I could ever do, because leopard print is so beautifully imperfect, mistakes most of the time make it look better! I've always stick to original leopard rather than colour leopard print as I always get worried it's going to look tacky, even though so many people recently have looked amazing with it. I used 17's Forever for the base, Barry Ms Mushroom for the dots and a black nail pen for around the edge. 

Hope you have lovely weekends! xoxoxox


  1. Gorgeous, you should experiment with brighter leopard print,I think they look great, I love them :-) x

  2. Your hairdresser sounds like mine, I too haven't been for over a year and i've even started dying my own hair so I don't have to go. No style ever comes out how you want it either - probably should mean I should try another hairdressers but then it became too easy to just trim my own hair!

    Love the nails too - I can barely master the nail effects varnish then do anything fancy like that!

  3. I definitely think I'm gonna try a blue leopard print, I always think that looks nice! Or maybe pink, or purple... oh the decisions! xx
    Thankyouuuu! xx
    Haha why do they never understand what you want? I have even given mine pictures to try and help matters and I still come out with something completely different and nearly in tears! The hairdressers is such a bad experience for me! Leopard print is one of the only things I can do seriously, I watch complex nail art videos on youtube all the time in complete awe! xx

  4. those nails are so pretty!

    I just dropped by since you were following me :) and was wondering if you knew the personal stylist rachel zoe? I think someone who handles press commented back asking if I had an interview for her what I'd ask and I was wondering if you had any questions I could add with mine? if I got lucky and she responded I'd put it all on my blog :)

  5. Thankyouuuu!
    Um, I'd probably ask really standard stuff like what are her staples that everyone should have, what are complete don'ts when it comes to fashion, haha etc, that's all I can think of on the spot! xx

  6. omg those nails look wicked, seriously wooww
    I wanna try it out now, watch it just turn out to be a massive blur lmfao x

  7. Haha thankyou!
    Seriously I'm crap with nail art, but even I can do this you'll be fine! xx

  8. Great nails, love the blouse too
    Beth x

  9. They look amazing!!
    I can just about paint my nails with out it going everywhere, their so impressive :)

  10. Aha, thankyou so much! I think they are my biggest achievement to date, I just keep staring at them, they took me so long! When they start chipping I'll cry haha! xx

  11. The outfit looks stunning, and the nails go perfectly with it! You did a great job. Everything looks so well put together :)

  12. Aw thankyou love! I do try haha ;) xx

  13. oh my god these look amazing xx