Thursday, 9 June 2011

Haul; Avon, GOSH, No7, Probably the most awaited issue of Glamour ever...

So I'd planned to go shopping with some of my friends today, and stupid me forgot. Literally ten o'clock this morning, I heard a load of people outside my house banging on the windows, honestly thought I'd fallen victim to a bunch of youths who'd decided to terrorize me haha (it COULD of happened!). Anyway five minutes of me dragging a comb through my hair and shoving on some wonky eyeliner and we were off to the trafford centre. Now don't get me wrong, I love shopping, and I adore my friends, but the two together just doesn't make such a good combination. I always end up buying things I don't really want, spending half my time in shops I have literally no interest in and trying on majorly embarrassing clothes in topshop changing rooms to be taken pictures of and put straight on facebook in the name of humour (ok so the last one I don't mind so much haha, it's always hilarious trying to make the ugliest outfit ever work).

On another note HOW bloody annoying are those women at the make-up counters? Today in boots the benefit woman actually dragged me to the counter after I made eye contact (BIG mistake). I tried to explain I was completely broke and therefore I couldn't afford anything even remotely high end and I was running late for my train anyway so I couldn't stop, but she still found it necessary to gabble on about a load of products for about five minutes and would i like to sample any? No, I'd only come in for glamour magazine thankyou very much, GOODBYE.
So I obviously ended up buying three copies, I've been thinking for a long time about getting a decent cheek/lip tint, so these are perfect samples to test whether it's worth splashing the cash, and then ofcourse I had to give high beam a go! I'm not gonna blabber on about this whole Glamour Magazine offer because I think just about every girl in the UK has discussed it but it really is a good deal, and if you're thinking of trying any of the three now is your perfect chance! But now I do have three copies of Glamour, I might go out on the streets and try and sell them off big issue style.
So while I was in there I popped to the No7 counter on the hunt for something fairly cheaply I could buy with one of my no7 vouchers, and the woman recommended these eyeliners so I decided to give the black a go, when I swatched it in the shop it seemed pretty creamy and I think it'll be beautiful on a night out to jazz everything up a little! It's £7.75 without the voucher and in all honestly I probably wouldn't of bought it full price, but for under £3 it's a massive bargain!
Left To Right; Peachy, Miss Sweety, Hot Coral
Now, I think I'm becoming a BIT obsessed with nail polish. I just can't stop buying the stuff! These were probably a little pricier than I'd like at £4.99 each, but the bottles are just so sleek and beautiful I once again got persuaded by the packaging. I love all three of these colours, Peachy, believe it or not is a PEACH colour (no shit sherlock, I am such a good blogger), Miss Sweety a kinda creamy light peach colour (yeah, something like that...) and Hot Coral, which seems to look brick red in some lights, and a beautiful coral in others, but either way I love it, and doesn't really match any of my other corals, so I'm happy!
Now onto my avon order, I seem to go through catalogues I don't think much of, and others (like this months) I end up buying quite a few products.
First off I got this cute face mask gift set for a "cheap as chips" £3 (apologies for the David Dickinson reference haha, only thing I could think of on the spot). For this there is 12 masks, two of each type!
Secondly, this angled brush was on offer from the usual £6.00 to £3.00 so I snapped it up, you are a FOOL if you live in england and buy any avon brush full price, literally every other month they seem to have some kind of offer on. (I say this when I've bought about three brushes there full price and then regretted it... oops).
Third this pretty nail polish in Golden Twilight which looks a dark browny black colour with gold and bronze sparkles, how pretty! So looking forward to giving this a go, and at a third of the usual price at £2!
Then I got this Magix Face Perfector for a bloody amazing price of £5.25, when it usually retails for about £11. I've wanted to try this for ages, but I had a perfectly adequate alternative and other things were higher on my priority list. However my No7 primer is reaching it's end so I'll be giving this a go. I'm still pretty new on the primer front so if you guys have any recommendations let me know!
Now probably what I'm most excited about, the Jill Dempsey For Avon Professional Corrector Palette. Now I'm pretty sure this is a new addition to Avon because it's something I've never spotted before. This will rob you for £10, but it's currently on an introductory offer of £6, which I think is amazing value considering what you're getting. Now I got the light version but there is also a darker variation. The four concealers each do something, the lilac hides imperfections and conceals dark circles, the pink brightens dull skin and disguises dark spots, the apricot gives warmth to cheekbones and browbones, and the yellow counteracts redness on the face and t-zone. Now I've fancied a palette of this kind for a while so I'm so excited to try it, I really hope it doesn't let me down!

Now that's probably it for makeup and stuff now for a while, I know I keep saying that, but I literally went in both boots and superdrug and resisted the urge to buy any lipsticks! RESULT.
Anyway I have a REALLY fun weekend planned i.e. telling all my friends I've dropped out of college. Cue lots of "you bitch you can't leave me" "are you going to work in mcdonalds now?" and other abuse haha, absolutely dreading it. I really HATE confrontation, I'm one of those people who purposefully will phone somebody at 2am knowing their phone will be off to tell them something via voicemail haha, I'm awful!
Hope you lovelys had a good day! xoxoxoxox


  1. I really need to get on the glamour thing quick before there all gone.
    The Avon primer is really good, doesnt change the way you add your foundation plus its got an spf of 20 in it. win win :) xx

  2. I'm glad i'm not the only person that hates getting targeting and hauled over my make up counters - sometimes I wonder if they actually know how bad they look themselves with layers of make up on before they try and flog it to the public!

    p.s. I have a bit of a growing nail varnish obsessed - can't help myself from buying any, especially when BeautyUK are so cheap x

  3. I jumped on the chance to get free Benefit samples as I think Benefits products are so over priced!

  4. You definitely should, there were literally none in my superdrug, I was seriously panicking!
    Ahhhh I'm so excited! My foundation at the moment has zero SPF and seeing as I'm going on holiday soon I was fearing the whole having to put greasy lotion all over my face scenario! xx

    I just DON'T LIKE IT! agreed, I really don't want to take advice off half of the cakey make up ladies, and all the experiences i've had is of them matching me with orange make up and trying to flog me literally everything, whether it suited me or not! xx

    Haha, I probably would of if I'd had the time, agreed on everything being overpriced, blushers for 23.50 ouuuuch! xx

  5. Haha this made me laugh- I have similar issues with friends and probably prefer clothes shopping alone! Must get Glamour then, I've been meaning to try High beam for ever! xx

  6. I love going shopping with them, it's just I never get what I want done! Shopping on your own is a kinda new thing for me, but I'm enjoying being selfish every now and again! and it's definitely worth a £2 magazine! xx

  7. I'm a big fan of benetint but not so much posie (it has a weird consistency). These all look lovely. x hivenn

  8. yeah, I tried benetint today on lips and I'm absolutely in love! Though I've always preferred red lips to pink anyway so it's no real surprise it's my favourite! When it runs out I think I'll be making the big purchase! Thankyou lovely! xx

  9. is the benetint cheek tint good? I was thinking a cheek tint would be a perfect alternative to powdered blush. Would you recommend it? and also, is it available in the U.S?

    I'd love so much if you could stop by my blog, I'm trying to get 50 followers before the end of June :)

  10. hi lovely, I definitely prefer benetint over posietint and all the dupes I've tried so I'd definitely recommend it. It's definitely available at the US :) Hopefully that helps, and ofcourse I'll stop by your blog! xx