Wednesday, 8 June 2011

How Much Does Your Face Cost?!

 Avon Eyeshadow Quad in Tigers Eye (no longer available) - £8.00 (used for brows and crease)

Grand Total; £93.20
So honestly, I didn't expect it to be that much. I don't use high-end products, so I didn't even imagine, just the things I use everyday would add up to nearly £100! When you start picking out what you apply everyday, it's kinda scary just how many things you do pick up without realizing, I didn't even include blush! I did include two lipsticks, because I either use Sleeks Bare All or Revlon Lipstain combined Natural Collections Raspberry all the time, and I honestly couldn't say which I reach for more, it just depends on my mood. I can only hope nobody nicks my make up bag, or I'll have to break the bank to replace this stuff! I can't help but wonder what my entire make up collections worth, but frankly I don't think I want to know!
How much do you guys reckon your face is worth?!


  1. LOOOVING the banner!!!
    Im scared to do a post like this i'll freak myself out! haha but great one!

    I've tried out the Bourjois Bio Detox - and its so so dries up before I can even blend it!


  2. Thankyouuuu! I've tried to jazz everything up a bit aha! ;) I really freaked myself out haha and it's not even that much!
    No way, I was gonna buy that the other day cause it was on offer, glad I didn't now! Healthy Mix is lovely though, blends really easily! xx

  3. haha i think i'm too scared to know lol! I mainly use high street products apart from concealer, think i'm happier in denial xx

  4. Haha I honestly thought I'd set a massive example of how cheap it is to wear high street makeup that's just as good.. didn't really work out! Least it wasn't over 100 haha ;)
    In a horrible realisation just how much I probably spend on make up haha, gutted! xx

  5. At least you have a really "normal" collection of high street make up and brands that somewhat reflects my own! xx

  6. Haha I'm really not about the high end products, definitely all highstreet for me! :) xx

  7. Not knowing it much better! I feel like that when i look at my clothes, always thinking i could have brought something much better.

  8. Haha agreed! It's like when you see something you've paid full price for on sale, always better in ignorant bliss! ;) xx

  9. Have you tried any Revlon nail polishes? I've spotted a colour (minted) I love on a youtube video but i heard the texture is really 'stringy' :/ x

  10. Oh and in response to your wish list- I've been dying for the Alexander McQueen scarf too... I ended up buying a £5 imitation on Portobello Road the other day haha!

  11. I only have two revlon colours, one of which is amazing and doesn't chip, and the others streaky and horrible haha! I honestly haven't tried minted so I wouldn't know, but I know the nail polishes in general have mixed reviews so I guess you'd have to take a chance!
    And OMG I will own that scarf one day if it kills me, so damn beautiful! I keep stopping myself buying imitations but I might have to cave in soon haha! xx

  12. Aah okay, I'll just buy it then- the colour is so lovely it will look nice on the shelf anyway!
    I know..I tried to resist and I generally don't like imitations, but I guess I'm not as strong-willed as I thought :/ x

  13. Haha sorry I couldn't be more help! :/
    And same, I guess it's the waiting for the real thing that gets too much and then when you see a cheap imitation that's half decent it's all too much! xx

  14. This is a fab post idea! I might steal it if that's ok. I've just tried the Bourjois foundation and I love it! Also recently discovered how great the 17 mirror shine lipsticks are, need more haha.
    Beth x

  15. Sure, haha I've seen it on loads of blogs before I did it! I really didn't think I'd like it, I'm so used to a heavy foundation but I LOVE IT! And same, I only have Beehive but there's a few more I fancy picking up! x