Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Life Updates/Ramble

1. So after many sleepless nights and long walks I've decided to drop out of college. I just don't think it's for me. When I first went I seriously loved it, but recently I've been looking into my future and none of my subjects were really what I wanted them to be. I think I'm just bored of the whole education thing and the thought of doing another year of college, and probably 4 years of uni to get a psychology degree makes me feel physically sick! I revised so hard for these tests so I'll probably come out with a good mark (hopefully). So onto a combination of open uni degree, paid work and volunteer work ideally come September!
2. This means I now have a massive summer, starting.... now! It's at least 3 weeks until all my friends finish college so I seriously need something to do. Ideas guys?! Of course I'll be working a lot more on my blog, I'll have so much more time on my hands!
3. I actually took my umbrella to college today, determined to not get wet and to keep my hair in perfect straight bliss. Then clever little me left my umbrella at the library, hopped off to mcdonalds, literally as soon as we got in mcdonalds it started to completely tip it down and with ten minutes before I should be at the exam room I had to leg it back to college, to do my exam soaking wet and shivering. Good plan that was. Luckily somebody had handed in my beautiful leopard print umbrella in at the library so all was not lost, but I had to deal with the snotty librarian taking in my details, just incase I was an opportunist ASKING if there was an umbrella on the off chance and it wasn't actually mine :|
4. To finish my stressful day, a well deserved face mask! I usually stick to my avon face masks, but I've temporarily run out so I picked out a few from superdrug. Out of all the selection in superdrug, I managed to pick out the ONLY "mens" facemask of the lot without realizing! I was on the train back when I was looking at what I'd bought and saw this man on the front of my facemask. There I was blissfully thinking "Oh, I guess the facemasks ARE unisex" when I saw the "for men" bit on the corner. GREAT. It's some major intense facemask, I guess it's fine to put on my face, but I still haven't risked it! I need to stop buying things when I'm in a rush, this mishap is not alone, only the other day i managed to pick up a Manchester United poster "keep calm and win titles" as opposed to "keep calm and carry on" I thought I'd bought, ooops!

Sorry this was the quickest and shittest blog post ever but I will be sorting my act out and getting some of the posts I want to make out sooon, if you guys have any requests let me know! Hope you're all well and had lovely days or atleast better than mine! xoxoxox


  1. Hahah I'm the same when I'm in a rush, I once picked up Haemoroid cream as apposed to bonjela once.. so cringe when I realised lol

  2. Haha it's awful! I really need to start reading things more carefully! xx

  3. ps, just wanted to let you know I gave you a stylish blogger award


    You're supposed to pass it on to 7 people and you're one of my favourite blogs so why not :)

  4. Ah I'm going to college next year, psychology as well...It scares me already :\ But oh well:D I do the same when I'm in a rush it's crazy haha. Enjoy your long summer!:)

  5. Thankyou so much! :)
    And I loved most of AS Psychology to be fair... until it came to revising it! Haha same for all my subjects though I'm crap when it comes to exams! Thankyouuu! :) x