Friday, 3 June 2011

Haul & Ramble

I know, I know another haul! But this really is the last one for a while now I'm completely broke! I realised I was missing a few bits for summer so I went out on the search for a few bargains!
I love these "boyfriend" style shorts from H&M from £19.99 and they're probably my favourite purchase. I have loads of tight and high waisted denim shorts, but these are really lose on the legs and waist, and I think these will look amazing with a belt and an oversized top. LOVE them, and H&M have a really good selection of shorts at really affordable prices so I might pick up a different pair before summers over!

I have literally NO coats with hoods, and all my umbrellas seem to be better for show than actually shielding me from rain, so I've been looking a nice mac everywhere! I found this mac from Peacocks for £14.00 and I love it. I can wear it alone or underneath my leather jacket and more to the point, it doesn't make me look like a female version of Roy Cropper!

Now in Matalan I sort of went a little mental on the shorts. I got four pairs £8 each. I love the patterns, and they do genuinely look like skirts at a first glance. I like the fact I don't have to grab these frantically everytime the wind blows like with skirts, shorts are just easier to wear and these are so cute! Can't wait to wear these all on holiday, note my brilliant photography skills putting leopard print shorts on a leopard print background - GOOD ONE.
shorts 1, 2, 3 and 4

This didn't really come up true to colour it's more purple in real life, in the bottle it looks like a complete dupe of the Andrea Fulerton Kate which I've been meaning to buy for a while now. I've wanted to try one of the pro range for ages, and this Matt Purple looks lovely and i'll probably feature it in a nail of the day post soon. I just love the colour and well worth the slightly too expensive in my opinion £8.

Finally these two lipsticks I bought yesterday I am in love with! The top colour, Topshop "On The Town" is a gorgeous lilac colour I've been wearing all day. Considering it's a matte it's not too drying and a lot easier to wear than I'd thought. Really already one of my favourite shades!
Now onto Sleeks "Vixen" which is a lovely classic red colour. I do adore it, but it's not a "unique" colour, infact every lipstick range probably has a similar shade. Nevertheless I do adore it and I love how pigmented this lipstick is for the £3.99 it cost!

Also I'm in love with Rihannas Man Down Video, Major style inpiration from her long plait, her nude lip and dramatic eye, the jamaican vibe, god I could go on for hours! Though it's not to be ignored, though this is a massive tune the video tells the story of Rihanna shooting a man in Graaaand Centraaaal Statioooooon in front of a big olllllll' crowd, which it's later shown is in retaliation of a sexual assault the previous night. This of course has sparked major controversy but I salute Rihanna for bringing to attention issues which people don't really seem to talk about, aswell as Man Down, her collaboration with Eminem; Love The Way You Lie brought attention to domestic violence. And above all that, she makes it into catchy tunes and looks bloody gorgeous the majority of the time without being a size zero. Basically, I'm in love with her. It's a bit obvious, yes?!

and it's FRIDAY! Hope you all have lovely weekends! I've as usual left revision to the complete last minute so I'll be cramming all weekend for Tuesdays exam, God help me! xoxox


  1. Those matalan shorts look amazing! Xx

  2. thankyou! I know, they're so cute! xx

  3. The matalan shorts are ace, such a good find!


  4. i love rihanna and her fire red hair! I can never keep red hair, it's so hard to maintain..

  5. Thankyou! I love them :D
    And I know, at first I wasn't sure on her hair, but now I loooove it! xx