Thursday, 2 June 2011

Haul; Superdrug, Boots, Savers, Topshop etc..

I seem to be buying more rings and make up than anything at the moment. I went in various charity shops today determined to get something! I don't like this shirt with the sleeves, but I think once they're cut off I can definitely combine it with a bodycon skirt and hopefully make it work, and if it doesn't for £3.50 it's not the end of the world. Though I do think charity shops in my area need to look at their prices, they wanted a fiver for a black and white stripe plain top... from primark! It probably didn't cost that brand new!

I seriously recommend Red magazine this month. I've never actually read the magazine before, but the free gift was too much to resist! For £3.80, you get a free Jemma Kidd Lipgloss which retails at £14.00. There's three shades, a light pink, a coral and a red (the red was made exclusively for Red Magazine). I chose the coral colour, a beautiful shade that goes on fairly sheer yet beautiful on the lips. At that price though, I think I'll be going back for the red!

Currently everything Ruby & Millie is 75% off! I've never really been "wow"ed by the few products I've bought from there, honestly I thought it was all a bit overpriced (£10 for a nail polish?!). But at 75% off, I fancied checking out whether any of the brushes were lying around in my local boots. The whole stand had been cleared of all the good stuff; typical! But I did manage to grab the last foundation brush, reduced from £12 to £3! 
Then using one of those lovely no7 vouchers I decided to go for the No 7 Eyeshadow Blend and Contour brush, a supposed dupe of the MAC 217 which I'd never buy seeing as I refuse to spend £15.00 on an eyeshadow brush. And this is a bargain at £6.75, but even better with a £5 voucher making it a fabulous £1.75!
I had a really keen and generally lovely lady at the till who seemed more happy at my bargains than me haha, and she told me if I could add another 25p then I'd get another five pound voucher, so ofcourse I bought a good old creme egg!

I love this ring! I've been painting my nails pretty bright for spring/summer so I've found it difficult to match them with rings without clashing. I never wear silver so I opted for gold and I really do love the leaf wrap design!

I've been meaning to try Topshop makeup for a while, there's so much I wanted to try and I didn't really know where to start! I love the packaging, and a lot of the time it really is a decider on what product I buy. So as Topshop are having 20% off for students all this week I thought this would be the perfect time.
I wanted a blush, I've been lusting after both Flush and Neon Rose for quite some time, I decided to opt for Flush. These are cream to powder blushes, which I've been preferring recently and even though the colour is REALLY scary (trust me this picture does it no justice, have a look in store), it really does come out a really sheer and beautiful rose colour that does honestly give you a "flush" of colour :P
Then I've been wanting a lilac colour but I just couldn't find "the right one" in drugstore. I really didn't want to fork out on higher end, so when I saw this on the topshop website I was VERY happy! It really is a beautiful colour, a nice lilac called "On The Town" which doesn't look too drying! I'll let you all know, I've never really had a purple lipstick, I think it's a kindof love/hate thing, but hopefully I'll like it.

This ring is probably my favourite purchase of today! I've never really looked at Matalan jewellery, but this double finger anchor ring is lovely! And it was on sale from £5 to £2 so ofcourse I snapped it up! I also bought another ring but it BROKE in my bag so I haven't shown that haha! 
Bought this shower and bath gel from asda purely because it smells AMAZING! I got the small 100ml bottle for a bargain of £1! So if the smell lasts and it really is half decent I'll be buying a bigger bottle!

I've been meaning to buy this QVS "airbrush" brush for ages from Superdrug but honestly I'm not too sure it was worth the £8. I was hoping to use it for foundation but it doesn't seem very dense, it's probably going to be better for blush or bronzer. Kinda disappointed, really don't want to splash out on the MAC 187 :(

I decided to pick up another sleek lipstick, this time "Vixen" a really classic red colour, I probably have about 4 other lipsticks similar to but still ;)
I decided to pick up this blush after seeing it on a couple of blogs, it's such a pretty colour. I've never really gone near the Beauty UK stand, just because it's slightly more expensive than the other "really cheap" brands (MUA, 2True, Natural Collection, Miss Sporty etc) yet the packaging really does look cheap, for example their lipsticks cost the same as sleek and yet I find sleek lipsticks much nicer and the packaging looks a lot better.. which brand I buy from? SLEEK. Despite all this though for £3.99 this baked blush is beautiful. I got the shade "Peaches and Cream", which is a peachy gold colour with hints of coral.

From Savers I picked up this Simple face mask. I love the simple range, and I love face masks, so this was a match made in heaven! Can't wait to try it and see if it lives up to expectations! and for £1 you can't go far wrong!
While I was there I also picked up this hair removal cream. Now I've always hated hair removal cream due to the whole smell thing, I absolutely despise the smell :( However this is meant to have a floral scent, I don't know how true this is or whether the horrible smell will overpower it, but for £1 I figured it was worth giving a go!
And lastly a tin of Vaseline with SPF15 for my lips when I'm on holiday, another bargain at £1! :)

I got this from a charity shop for £1.99 on the kind of idea I'd put something in it. Though now I'm back at home I have literally no idea. I was thinking bobby pins but I would never fill a jar this size with them! Arrrrgh.

Swatches of all the lipsticks/lipglosses/blushes, bare in mind these are heavily swatched, the Topshop blush comes out a lot sheerer than that and baked Beauty UK blush really didn't swatch well at all!

Now to finish the day, I will be watching Britains Got Talent - which I'm afraid to say really is a joke this year, whilst eating some of my favourite sweets from my childhood, NERDS! xoxoxoxo


  1. Its always funny when charity shops over price Primark goods - they do it near me too. Charging £3/£4 for jewellery that would have cost £2 at the most!

  2. I really want to try that Topshop lipstick! I can never ever find a bargain in a charity shop. I hate how overpriced some things are too. xx

  3. They really do overprice stuff in charity shops I was so shocked! I was expecting 50p bargains, there was one next top in there for a tenner, since when was that a charity shop price?!
    I think I'm giving the lipstick a go tomorrow, hope it lives up to my expectations! such a beautiful colour though! xx

  4. Great buys, I have two No7 vouchers to use up may get the eyeshadow brush :-) I love my Sleek lippies xx

  5. Same, I need to start using up mine! LOVE Sleek lipsticks, such a nice range and so cheap! x

  6. hey hey :) QVS brushes I love to hate I have the blusher one and it falls apart like a cat shedding! *gaaah* but hopefully your 187 dupe will stick together :)

    love creme eggs :)


  7. This is my first QVS brush, hope it doesn't disappoint :(
    same! why are they not sold all year round?! xx