Tuesday, 14 June 2011

OOTD #009; I'm So Clever, But Clever Ain't Wise...

cape style cardigan - topshop (not available in UK anymore, and sold out in US)
oversized t shirt - just a basic tee from mens section of matalan i think, then i just cut the collar.
bodycon skirt - topshop
rings - topshop and H&M

FINALLY the sun is out! It's the first time in weeks I've been out without an umbrella, so happy! I spent the day lazing around, I really am SO bored it's unbelievable, I'm going away in a few weeks so it's useless applying for jobs until I get back, so for about 3 weeks I have to entertain myself while all my friends are still in college, rubbish! Today I gave my room a bit of a tidy and came to the conclusion I have far too many clothes, I literally nearly got suffocated by the mass of tops trying to fit one more in the wardrobe! I'm definitely gonna try out a spending ban on certain things, I'll probably blog more about it tomorrow. It was so beautiful in the garden today, one of my neighbours has moved out and the new people haven't moved in yet, so it was brilliant to go out and not have his aggressive dog barking at me through the hedge every time I move an inch! My other neighbour is in her 80s and doesn't open the windows let alone venture outside so it's so lovely and peaceful! My nails are chipping like mad and I need to redo them pronto, so tonights plans are to have a look at some youtube nail art videos and get some inspiration!
Hope you guys saw the sun briefly too! xoxoxoxox


  1. The weather's been gorgeous today - for what I saw of it at lunchtime xx

  2. It really was nice, I think it's the first time it hasn't rained in Manchester for weeks! xx

  3. Cute outfit. You have a gorgeous figure :) xx

  4. Love that look! You have a great sense of style! :)

    -Katie, www.hazelandmare.com

  5. Your outfit is so gorgeous!! SO jealous of your long hair!! :) X -Lerin

  6. This is such an awesome outfit, love the colors! :)

    The Cat Hag

  7. Thankyou all for your lovely comments! :) xx