Thursday, 16 June 2011

Spending Ban?!

I know bloggers who have a lot better self control than me have been on complete spending bans in the past, and honestly I salute you, but I just can't. So I've come up with a list of things I won't be buying more of for a good while, so hopefully I can start saving a little bit, or atleast have some more money for clothes and jewellery! So here are the things I WON'T be buying anytime soon!
(l-r MUA Shade 13, Sleek True Colour in Vixen, Avon Red Hot Lips)
Red Lipstick;
of all my "everyday" lipsticks I keep on my dresser, these bad boys make up atleast a third. It's one of those things I just chuck in my basket at superdrug without even thinking it through, and as illustrated by the three swatches of my favourite red lipsticks, there isn't all that much difference between them all!

Now powder isn't something that I got into until recently. I've always had crazy dry skin so I've never NEEDED powder. But recently my skins been getting a lot better and the t-zone a little oily so I was experimenting with different powders, and what I mean by experimenting is shovelling every powder in sight with the shade "fair" or "ivory" and under a tenner into my basket without a seconds thought. Apart from about two of these that aren't the right shade for me, the rest are absolutely fine so I'll be using them all up before I decide which to repurchase.

I find myself COMPLETELY not to blame for this! My lovely Avon Representative nearly everytime I order gives me a cheeky loyalty gift, and it's pretty much always a mascara! I love her to bits, and it allows me to try out a lot of mascaras I otherwise wouldn't, but I've got quite a build up. There's literally no excuse in the world for the fact I have the same mascara in three different packagings, I just wanted to collect them all? That's a valid reason right?! Then I have millions of clinique, no7 and clarins samples that I never seem to use, and seeing as I don't have the worst lashes in the world (they're an acceptable length naturally) it doesn't affect me all that much which mascara I use.

(l-r MUA shade 11, Natural Collection Barley, MUA shade 20, Avon in Chestnut, my favourite shades out of the Avon Neutral Tones Palette, my favourite shades from the Sleek Storm Palette)
Everyday Neutral Eyeshadows;
That massive tin thing is full of the eyeshadows I use everyday, and everytime I go shopping I seem to come back with some shade of gold, brown or black eyeshadow. Now this was fine until I realised half the shades are the same and it's a struggle to find the eyeshadow you want because it's all so cramped. Basically I need no more neutral eyeshadows, so unless the naked palette comes my way teasing me into a sale I won't be buying any more, and I'll be staying far away from the Urban Decay Counter so I can't be robbed of 30 quid.

In short, I have too many, they're all pretty much the same and they do the same job, minus the fancy pants Jill Dempsey palette. Oh and there's a random base in there from Avon, I'm not really sure how that ended up there and why it's relevant but don't question it. So basically no going to the Benefit counter and debating whether to buy boing.

Lip Balm;
The picture pretty much says it all, and that's not even all of them. I just have too many! I don't know how or why I ended up with this many, I blame it on there always being some sort of deal going on involving one of them. Anyway this is enough to last me a good while, and apart from Carmex which is ofcourse the superior God of all Lip balms, the rest are pretty much down to the same standard and will be fine in Summer when I don't need a miracle product.

Nail Polish;
I had a massive clearout about 3 months ago of all my nail polish, and was left with pretty much nothing. Now I've repurchased a lot and bought more besides and frankly I think I've got pretty much every colour ever invented. I'm not saying I'm not going to buy nail polish, but I'm done with buying fifty versions of the same nude. I think if I see a really individual colour I'll buy it, but apart from that I'm focusing on buying up more of my nail art collection and forgetting buying a million colours for a while.

This stuff is taking up so much room, I literally have a section of storage devoted to moisturizer. I seem to get so many of the bloody things come Christmas time they last me for the whole year, so I'll be using my Garnier moisturiser for problem areas and the rest will do for everywhere else.

Body Butter;
This is just a case of getting too carried away. They all smell so amazing and lovely, I forget about the ones I already have at home and end up picking up yet another one everytime there is some kind of deal on. So the ban starts now, and we'll see how it goes.

As for everything else for example foundation, I'll just be buying that as usual. I'll do updates maybe each month or so on what's been used etc. I'm setting a time limit on this, because obviously I'm never going to use up all that eyeshadow, and I'm not keeping to this for my entire life. So lets have this as a mid-year resolution, and I'll be keeping all this up until christmas - eeeek!

Is there anything you guys need to cut down on?!


  1. I am more then jealous of your nail varnish collection x

  2. Haha, God I spend far too much money on it! xx

  3. Wow you do have a lot of products, love the lip balm collection! Good luck with the ban :) xx

  4. Haha thankyou! I never realised I had so much until I got it all together haha, ridiculous! xx

  5. just stumbled across your blog love the lipstick collection x

  6. thankyouuuu! I'll check out yours :) xx

  7. Love this, I've just started my spending ban. I've just got my Urban Decay Naked palette so I'm feeling quite confident I'll manage to stop spending.
    Seeing all of your make up definitely encourages me thinking about all the lipstick and mascara in my box. I'm going to try to use things up before adding to my collection in the future!


  8. I love this post! Im amazed at the amount of nail polishes you have, thats crazy! I think you have inspired me to do the same, which i have been ignoring for months :D


  9. OMG how many nail varnishes do you have ? jealous lol new follower loving the blog, it would be great if we could follow each other xxx liz

  10. Haha same! Right now I'm just not going anywhere near superdrug/boots/etc haha! I really need to use loads up, it's ridiculous! xx

    Haha I'd convinced myself my nail collection wasn't that bad haha, seems it is! Go for it, definitely helps you save money! xx

    Haha too many! I've never even attempted to count! Sure, I'll check your blog out now :) xx

  11. This is a really good idea for a post, when you see how many items you actually have it gives you the bigger picture!lol!

    You have lots :)
    love them red lipstick swatchet....

    i'm your new follower btw, i really like your blog, you want to follow me??

  12. Yeah I seriously didn't realise how bad everything was haha! The red lipsticks have ruined my image of them all haha! So similar :D
    Sure I'll check it out now :) xxx

  13. Oh my gosh you have so much! I'm so jealous! Very jealous of all your nail varnishes and lipsticks! I always like to buy a cheeky lipstick when out and about! xxx

  14. i know what you mean about buying WAY to much red lippy, i am a huge culprit at that, and need to stop!! im falling into the body butter trap at the moment and need to stop myself! pretty impressive collection of beauty buys though....:)
    following xxxxx check out my blog??

  15. Thankyouuuu! Haha there's always a lipstick shoved into the basket everytime I'm out! xx

    Haha, the worst bit is you genuinely don't realise until you see your entire collection how many are similar! Thankyouuuu! Ofcourse I will :) xxx

  16. I'm not really a big beauty shopper, but I do have a similar collection of powder, moisturiser, concealer and lipbalm. I had a chuck-out quite recently and was amazed at the vast quantities of each I had hidden away x

  17. wow, never seen so much makeup! no, that's a lie- my sister must be some kind of beauty hoarder, atleast yours looks organised!

  18. Haha it just builds up! I need to stop trying out every brands version of the exact same product haha! x

    Don't say that, this is like a drop in the ocean of my make up collection haha:| I'm all for the organisation even if there's too much! xxx

  19. Great list, I should do one like this too! I've been on a spending ban since the middle of December (yep, it's been 6 months so far) and I'm doing good! Before that I stopped buying lipglosses, because I have way too many. I haven't bought a new one at least for 2-3 years lol x

  20. Seriously?! Ahhh, I've been doing it like a week and it's SO hard! Haha I'm guessing it gets easier (hopefully!), it's not like I need any more of any of this! xx

  21. Yep and I haven't cheated so far! Sometimes yeah it's hard to resist when you see all these beautiful new products, BUT it feels great when you use up a product and toss the packaging! It feels amazing! ;) x

  22. Haha LOVE your self restraint! I'm going shopping tomorrow so I'll be testing mine haha! Ahh, that's literally one of the reasons why I'm doing it, I hardly ever run out of anything other than foundation and primer, the rest I get bored of way before they're even nearly run out! xx

  23. You have so much make-up! I don't need to cut down i need to stock up!I always end up frivolously spending money on Jewellery/clothes then run out of make-up and refuse to leave the house haha. Also in your nail varnish section,you said you want to concentrate more on nail art?? I recently bought on eBay for just £2.99 a whole nail art set :O all you have to type in is "nail art" :) hope this helps!wonderful post xx

  24. I'm like that though, I go through major stages of buying loads of clothes, or loads of make-up etc etc. Are you serious?! That's amazing, I'll definitely check out eBay, still meaning to sort out my nail art :) xx

  25. Going to come to you for some make up supplies, your like a chemist! Lucky lucky

  26. Haha go for it, I have far too much ;) xx