Monday, 20 June 2011

Nine Products I Regret Buying.

So I've been busy during the weekend and what not so I haven't really had time to blog until now. Hope everyone had a lovely day yesterday with their dads! As a "family occasion" I took it as an opportunity to wear next to no makeup out, I'm trying to ease myself out of the eyeliner habit ready for my holiday, I'm hoping to get myself a tinted moisturiser at the airport, but I know a lot are pretty hit and miss so I'll probably stick to my healthy mix and a bright lip for daytime and adding mascara and a nice nude eyeshadow for night. I like the fact on holiday you're wearing sunglasses the majority of the daytime so the need for mascara etc is gone and you can focus on a gorgeous lip colour!
So onto the nine (I know, I should of counted earlier and made it ten) products I regret buying. Now don't be moaning that you love one of these products and that they're really great, because I'm well aware that different things work for different people so this is just my opinion etc etc!

Barry M Lip Paint in 100;
I just hate this! I bought it purely on the hype and I heard it was better that 101 Marshmellow known for the gorgeous "foundation on lips" effect it gives. It's a matte white pink, now Barry M Lip Paints are known to be a bit hit and miss, I have a gorgeous coral (151) that is moisturising and just beautiful on the lips but this I have 1 word for - CHALKY. The main selling point is that it stays completely put, but when it looks this awful I want it to disappear instantly. It shows up every problem area of your lips and you can make it look decent by having a good scrub at your lips before and shoving a lip gloss over the top, but for my skin tone it just washes me out completely, and even if it didn't, it's all too much work for me. In contrast Sleek Lipsticks, about the same price are consistently good for pigmentation and not too drying on the lips, even the matte shades. If you were to buy any of the lip paints I'd definitely try before you buy to avoid any disappointment, because some of the shades really are good quality.

Avon Calming Effects Foundation in Ivory;
I'm not even sure if this is available anymore, but I can't stand it. Mine smells like playdough? I don't even know. I got this in the lightest shade "Ivory". I think it must be the shade that every brand gets most wrong. It's always either too orange or the pink undertone too strong. This comes out a light salmon colour, which I've got to say I'm not really a fan of. I like foundations that cover my redness, so a foundation that makes my entire face the same colour as my rosy cheeks just ain't a winner for me. It seems to highlight the dry parts of my skin and just looked cakey shortly after application. The bottle is cute though, so it looks quite nice on your dressing table, that's the only positive I really can give it. 

Rimmel Match Perfection Powder in Ivory;
I know you shouldn't write off brands completely, but with Rimmel and their "Ivory" shade I can safely say I'll never be buying from their range again. Should I ever decide to fake tan, this shade would work. But for my skin tone? No. I heard a bit of hype around the time Rimmel released the range and I headed down to pick up this powder. I thought it looked a little orange for my skintone, but figured it wouldn't come out too strong. How wrong I was, this just makes my face orange. Which when you've got a pale body, doesn't look all that great. Something I've literally never reached for since buying it.

Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse In Ivory;
Does this give you lovely memories to being about 13 and thinking this was the best foundation ever? When on the hunt for a new concealer a few months ago I bought this purely to act as one. I must of been looking at this through rose tinted glasses when I was 12 because on my dry skin this just looks horrendous. It makes me break out in probably record time and I don't even have really ~ sensitive skin ~. This is probably the reason I had horrendous skin when I was younger, and used even more of this to cover it up, which in turn would again make it worse, what a vicious circle! This would probably work ok on oily skin, I don't really know but, on me it just looks

2True Cheek 'n' Lip Tint;
Now this cost £1.99 so not the biggest loss of the century, but I was disappointed. Anybody who's even vaguely into makeup can see this is a dupe of "Benetint", with a massive difference in price. Now although this isn't the worst product ever, it's far from the best. the applicator, similar to a nail polish applicator is quite stiff and I really struggle putting this on my lips because it's so bloody ticklish! It doesn't give an amazing colour, but a "my lips but better shade". My main problem with this is the taste. I know you're not supposed to lick the lipstain but, it tastes so chemical and just not good at all. It's a bit too watery in my opinion to even attempt to put on your cheeks and having pale skin, I'd probably end up resembling a clown.

Maybelline Dream Touch Blush in Peach;
This just isn't the right shade for me at all. I picked it up in a bit of a rush, it'd look beautiful with a tan but it just doesn't suit me at all, I think the only time I reach for it is when I'm swatching it, so a big waste of money.

The Body Shop Eyeshadow in 13;
This is just so heavily overpriced for what it is. I paid £6 for this, an off white colour that has literally hardly any pigment at all. I like nude eyeshadows, but there's a difference between an eyeshadow looking natural and looking exactly the same as if you haven't applied the eyeshadow in the first place. There is literally no difference between me applying this eyeshadow and not doing, it doesn't even act as a base. Completely useless product, and I could get 6 MUA eyeshadows for the same price, which are bigger in size and better quality. RUBBISH!

No7 High Shine Lipgloss in Whisper;
This tastes so nice, take note 2true! But seriously this has a really nice candy sweet taste I adore! But that's where the positives end. This is meant to be "high shine" so I went for the nudest "whisper" hoping I could put it over various lipsticks. Now made obvious by the clear tube, there is some shimmer going on. But this goes over lipsticks nearly completely opaque, with enough shimmer to keep ke$ha happy. But in all honestly, it's just not that wearable. It's just too shimmery, which is great is that's what you're looking for, but in a "high shine" lipgloss I wasn't and I'm glad I used a £5 no7 voucher because I definitely wouldn't buy this at full price £9.

Barry M Kohl Pencils in Light Blue and Navy;
I bought these to try and add some colour to my eyes during summer. But these are just, too damn hard! I have to press so hard to get any kind of colour payback, these just aren't worth possible damage, though the navy is better than the turquoise in terms of pigmentation. I've heard some people also have suffered from conjunctivitus after using these eyeliners, so whether that's true or not I don't know but I rarely pick up either of these.

What Products do you regret buying?!


  1. I completely agree with you on the Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse! I thought it was going to be so smooth and light so I was excited to try it. On me, it didn't make me break out but it got all weird and cakey, and didn't look smooth at all. And their lightest shade still looked too dark for me, so you could definitely tell I had makeup on. Never again! :)

  2. For me it's definitely the shampoo I bought for my hair extensions! SO ridiculously bad! And to an extent, my Benefit High Beam too - I rarely use it, it just sits there, and knowing I coulda got it free with Glamour this month, or bought a cheap MeMeMe version, stings a little haha! xxx

  3. Haha it's not great, haaate the cakey look so mousse definitely isn't for me! xxx

    I HATE buying things that you then never get round to using, especially when they're nice products it's just that they're kind of things you can only use for certain occassions :/ Yeah I think some brands are kind of cheapening their name by keep offering these freebies etc, Nails Inc seem to have done a lot recently! xxx

  4. Ah I hate coloured eyeliners - it always feel like you have to poke your eyeballs out before you can get any colour on them!

  5. I know it's a nightmare! I hate hard eyeliners! xx

  6. i also hate the barry m lipsticks! i have three and they are all horrible! they are so dry, its ridiculous!

  7. They're so disappointing! really dry, I can't wear it without looking ridiculous! xxx