Monday, 26 September 2011

Boudoir Prive; September Box!

There has been a bit of a mix up and I was sent two boxes, which I really need to email Boudoir Privé about but I just haven't had chance! I will be keeping both these boxes as I'm really happy with what I got! I'm sure there were more goodies this time, and there's not really anything I don't think I'll use, so I'm really impressed. 

First up, Zoya Nail Polish. These retail at £9.98 a bottle, and as the box costs £10, for somebody who loves nail polish as much as I do, this has already paid for my box. I really like the fact they added in samples of all their nail colours from their Autumn/Winter collection, it really added something a little bit more special to the box. I love both these colours, and I'll definitely be trying out both!

Mai Couture is a luxury brand that offers these fancy blotting papers. I'm not somebody who has to deal with shine very often, but there are occasions where my skin does get oily in certain places, and these will be really handy to keep in my make up bag. The little card that comes with it pretty much explains how the blotting paper works, and I really think it's a unique and different touch to the normal blotting paper.

I was really excited to see this in my box, but after smelling it, it's not really my type of scent. These little samples are really handy for keeping in your bag if you don't want to take a massive perfume bottle, so I will still get some use out of them!

I LOVE a hair product! There is such a back log of shampoo/conditioner/masks/hairspray just purely because I can't say no to trying out a new hair product. My hair has a beautiful way of drying really frizzy, and with this promising to leave hair visibly smooth, frizz-free and shiny I'm really excited to give this a go! This can be applied to both dry or wet hair, but I don't really like adding a lot of product to dry hair so I'll probably use this when my hair is wet.

Tropic Body Smooth Refreshing Polish - This was probably one of my favourite things about this box. I instantly remembered the name from the Apprentice, and I had been meaning to try out some of Susan Ma's range of skincare since the series finished. This smells LUSH, and I really cannot wait to give it a go!

Colbert MD Nourish Eye Cream; Apparently the lovely Kate Middleton and Sienna Miller use Colbert MD skincare, and if it's good enough for them, I'm sure it won't be a disappointment! for 15ml of this eye cream you'll be robbed of £90! Now obviously I won't be repurchasing, but that's what these boxes are all about right? A little pampering session each month!

Last up, Cargo Cosmetics Boogie Nights Eye Pencil. I'm really glad I got two black glitter pencils, because I rarely use any other colour eyeliner, and you can never really have enough black eyeliners right? These will be added to the collection, really excited to give them a go!

So that's everything! I've really been impressed this month, I was sitting on the fence with last months box but I think they've really come back with something special, and I'm already excited for next months installment!


  1. I'd be really interested in hearing more about the Tropic products - it sounded a really good idea when she was on the apprentice!

  2. The hair product looks amazing! Gotta get me some of that :) x

  3. I wish I could subscribe to Boudoir Prive boxes but unfortunately they don't deliver outside the UK, anyways the products look amazing specially the Macadamia ones! xx

  4. What lovely things you got in your box I love the colour of those nail varnishes xx

  5. THankyou lovelys! I think Boudoir Prive are planning on delivering outside the UK, it is a fairly new brand though so give it time! :) xx