Monday, 15 August 2011

Is Boudoir Prive Your Cup Of Tea?!

Boudoir Prive is a service where each month you get a box full of samples of high end products for £10, I got my first box today and here it is! 
I'll be honest, I was horrified to wake up Saturday morning to a load of angry tweets regarding Boudoir Prive. I've had my order in since the start, and I'll be honest, I was hit with "what the HELL is wrong with the box?" -Not a lot as far as I can see!

How BEAUTIFUL is the box? it has a cute little magnetic clasp to open it, however it can't be ignored the colour scheme is verrrry similar to good old Glossy Box.

This is so lovely! Bless her for handwriting all these little cards, such a cute and personal touch!

Also HOW gorgeous is this sticker? It's like a little mirror. I know I know, little things make me happy, but it's cute little touches that really make a difference.

For ten pounds you got samples of perfume, lash accelerator, hair repair, body butter, firming cream and ofcourse, tea bags. And I can honestly say for the price I paid, I'm really happy!

This was the first thing to catch my eye, Sachajuan Hair Repair! This is a very "luxurious" size sample compared to the others, and seeing as my hair is in a right state at the moment I will be giving this a go! So happy with this product and I cannot WAIT to try it! For a bottle this size, the retail price is £11.00, so in my eyes I've already got my moneys worth, because this is a product I seriously want!

Next up, Babor HSR Lifting Extra Firming Cream. I'll admit this isn't really something I need, being 17 I don't really suffer from wrinkles, but this is meant to also soften your skin, so I'll either use it up or give it to my mum.

Olavie Antioxidant Body Butter, I cannot WAIT to try this! It smells absolutely gorgeous, if not incredibly similar to Champagne, I suggest you don't slap this on everyday before work if you don't want alcoholic rumours spreading fast!

LOVE the look of this, Jane Iredale Pure Lash Extenders and Conditioner. I've been wanting to try a similar product for a while now and never really got round to it, so again this product is something I really wanted! Hopefully I'll see a difference in my eyelashes with this on before I apply mascara!

These two Etat Libre D'Orange fragrances are a bit hit and miss for me, one is quite sweet and more of a fragrance I'd like, the other more masculine and far too strong! Neither really inspire me to rush out trying to buy them but, it's not the end of the world.

From the launch of Boudoir Prive when I first blogged about it, they always said there would be one "lifestyle" sample - that's where the tea bags come in. I'm quite happy with a lot of the other products so this wasn't too much of a big deal, but I hope they'll be something better "lifestyle" wise next month, I love tea as much as the next person but it's not really a "luxury" product. Anyway, I'll be sitting down and enjoying one of these tonight!

I have three "half price" vouchers, where with the code you can get a half price box (£5!) including delivery, so if you're interested then comment below or tweet me etc! Obviously there's only 3 so the first three people to ask will get one! :)

Between getting this box today, and being offered an interview at H&M (I picked up the phone with a toffee in my mouth and I was so happy I sounded like a massive weirdo so frankly it's a bloody miracle he even gave me a job and didn't just hang up!) I've had a fabulous day and I'm really a very happy girl!


  1. Congratulations on getting an interview! & its nice to see someone thats not bashing on Boudoir Prive! I haven't ordered a box myself just yet as moneys a bit tight but with all the bad reviews of the first box I was starting to think that was probably for the best. However, this has definitely made me think again - the time & effort gone into those boxes is phenomenal :D xx

  2. Thankyou so much! I think it's a bit rude to slate the box if you haven't even had chance to try the products yet, there's a nice varied selection and the presentation is gorgeous! I'm definitely keeping my subscription! xxx

  3. I've never signed up for any of these boxes but through looking at what everyone gets on blogger this one looks the most exciting. Maybe its because the hand was hand written - sometimes you need them personalised little touches x

  4. It really is! I was won over from the hand written note, to think how much time that must of took the poor lady to write everyones is ridiculous! xx

  5. The packaging is lovely and the hand written note is. But i don't know, something just isn't really right with it :/ Plus some of the prices other bloggers had for the products i would never pay that much if i liked the product after trying :/ It's a shame.
    Lucy xx

  6. I know what you mean, I know the body butter alone full size retails for about 50 quid which is just completely ridiculous, I would never buy these items full price, for me it's just a little treat every month! x

  7. I hadn't even heard of this! It does look good and i don't understand why people would slate it after so much effort has been put into it :/ some people are never happy! haha

  8. I think it's because they wanted brands they'd heard of, and ofcourse the tea bags seemed to create a massive drama haha! I think for a new company they did well, and it's rude to slate anything before you've even tried it! x

  9. I've read so many different reviews about this box and I still can't decide if I should place an order ha :') and well done on getting an interview :D xxx

  10. I've been hearing about this but I wasn't really interested but after reading your post, it actually seems pretty cool, it's a nice little treat so I think I shall give it a go :)

  11. To me, the best bit is if you don't like your box, if you've not opened the products you can get a full refund within the first 14 days :) xx

    Aw, I'm trying not to take it too seriously and get stressed over it each month, just a nice little something! xxx

  12. Woww all the products look lovely!!!! Thanks for sharing girl!
    Nice blog...I'm following!

  13. i think they look great! nice post. X

  14. Congratulations on the interview! I think I'm going to have to buy one of those boxes, they're so adorable xx

  15. THankyou lovely! xxx

    Aw thankyou, haha you should! They're so nice to have waiting for you when you get home! xxx