Thursday, 15 September 2011


jumper; topshop shorts; random boutique in manchester tights; primark socks; topshop jewellery; primark and vintage.

Between coming into September and the ridiculous winds, I think it's fair to say winter has arrived! I've been trying to get the last wear out of these TIIIINY shorts before it just gets too cold, so I've been pairing them with these gorgeous mohair socks I got from Topshop last year, they are so lush! I'm going to updating my Autumn wardrobe massively as soon as pay day hits, but until then I'm trying to work last years wardrobe. I definitely fancy a poncho (not an ugly betty one), leather leggings, DEFINITELY a cape and some bright jumpers. Autumn/Winter is my favourite time of year where fashion is concerned, I love having loads of layers and wearing jumpers and even my gorgeous fur coat has come out (it's never too early!).

Talking of winter, is September too early to make my Christmas list? There's definitely a few things I fancy already!


  1. A/W clothes are the best! And September is the perfect time to write your Christmas list :) xx

  2. Definitely, I loveeeee winter! Haha sorted then, I'll get working on it :) xxx

  3. I love this! And I have this jumper but I don't wear it too often, this has definitely inspired me to start wearing it more! :-) xoxox

  4. This is a really lovely outfit :) I love A/W for fashion as well, jumpers and boots galore!


  5. Thankyou! I hardly ever wear it but I've been trying to get it out there a bit more! xxx

    Thankyou! Aw it's so lovely, I have far too many pairs of boots! :) xxx

  6. Your hair is wonderful! And yes I'm a sucker for A/W infact I think everyone is deep down!

    Lovely outfit
    Jenna x

  7. I looove autumn and winter! I definitely need a cape as well. It's been on my wish list for like.. two years now. But I haven't found any I like yet. Fingers crossed for next shopping spree. Great outfit by the way. Loving the socks and the jumper!


  8. such an awesome outfit!!

    - Sydney xo

  9. Aw thankyou! I know, there's so many jumpers on my wishlist right now, how can you not love a/w?! xx

    Thankyou! xx

    I definitely need to invest in a cape, I've never really wanted one but this year I want one so much! xx

    Thankyou lovely! xx

  10. Lovely outfit Xx

  11. Love this outfit, those socks look lovely. I really love layering and wearing chunky knits and it's never too early to start making a Christmas list aha! x

  12. Thankyou! Definitely need to get writing mine! xx