Saturday, 27 August 2011

Can You BELIEVE It's The End Of August Already?! Favourites!

I genuinely can't believe it's the end of August, is it too early to write my Christmas list?! For me September is officially start of Autumn and I cannot wait to get 500 layers on and start shopping for jumpers! I haven't really had many new additions this month, I'm awaiting a little order from Nars and Mac (I say small yet it still managed to make a massive dent in my bank balance) and also VERY excited for the new Fashionista range in Superdrug that launches on the 1st September, I definitely fancy making a few palettes from their beautiful eyeshadows! ANYWAY, onto the favourites this month!

VO5 Instant Oomph Powder - I was a bit cautious about this because I'd heard it makes your hair really sticky and minging, and I hate products that make your hair look good, but feel disgusting. I use hardly any of this at all, rub it into my roots and VOILA! Gorgeous volume! I only use this on second day hair, because I know I'll be washing my hair later that day, but I haven't really suffered stickyness!
Sachajuan Hair Repair - This came in this months Boudoir Prive, and it was like something sent down from heaven when it arrived on my doorstep, my hair was in crap condition and this was something I REALLY needed. After using this my hair feels gorgeous and soft and smooth and everyone compliments it and aw I love this and I'll probably have to rebuy it when it runs out, despite the fact it's pricey, purely because I have long hair and I can't neglect it again :) If any of you have cheapo solutions let me know!

Topshop Lipstick in On The Town - This is a gorgeous lilac lip colour, and I've really been using this month. I usually go for really bright reds and fuchsias but this is so easy to wear! I've never really liked baby pinks on me so this is my perfect lighter lip shade and the formula is gorgeous and moisturising but still highly pigmented, I really need to try more of the Topshop Make up.
Sleek Pout Paint in Pin Up - I've been using this so much with a touch of Cloud 9 to lighten it slightly, it lasts SO LONG! I can put this on, go out and 4/5 hours later it's still there! The main problem with bright colours is how much of a mess they look when they start fading, and you have to keep reapplying, and the main problem with lip stains is they're not moisturising. This solves both problems and for £5, this is amazing value.
Stila Lipstain in Acai Crush - I think it Stila was a bit before my make-up time, and when I heard other bloggers raving about them coming back to the UK I figured they must have been good. But when I wandered into Boots I realised a lot of the products also have a hefty price tag. I decided to treat myself to this and this is easily the best lip stain I've tried. The staying power of this is INCREDIBLE! Seriously, I can put this on at 8am and it'll still be there at 7pm the next night. It just doesn't budge. The pen packaging is crap, it takes forever to get product out but I can live with that for how amazing the product inside is. Absolutely love this, and I wouldn't think twice about purchasing one in another shade, so worth the money!

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation and MeMeMe Beat The Blues Sunbeam Illuminator - These two combined make my perfect foundation. I suffer from really dry skin, so I steer as far away as possible from matte foundations. I love Healthy Mix alone, but mixed with some of this illuminator my skin looks flawless and dewy and amazing. It doesn't offer brilliant coverage, I'd say medium, but with a little bit of concealer on under my eyes and on any blemishes this is brilliant in the day time. Even in natural light it's doesn't look cakey, just like you've got completely perfect dewy skin. In the winter I'll probably go back to my trusty colourstay, but at the moment I'm loving these two together.

Avon Mascaras (Various) - I've always adored Avon Mascaras. Apart from Supershock which is my holy grail mascara, the others aren't much to write home about alone. But as a second layer over Supershock mascara, they lengthen your lashes incredibly, without lacking in volume. I've always been a massive fan of dramatic lashes, so using these always gets me the results I want, I honestly haven't tried a mascara that comes close without clumpy lashes.

Urban Decay Naked Palette - This was a massive purchase and I put it off for a long time, but it really was worth the money. EVERYDAY since I've had this I've had "Sin" all over the lid, "Sidecar" on the outercorner blended and then "Smog" in the crease. I use "Buck" for my eyebrows, "Hustle" under the corner of the lower lash line and "half baked" I also use under the lower lash line. Seriously every single one of these colours is completely wearable, whether it's the gorgeous matte colours or "creep" and "gunmetal" for a night out. I LOVE this palette to death and none of my others even come close. I'm gutted it took me about a year to actually buy it because I was seriously missing out!

And that's it! I swear these monthly favourites come around far too fast!
What have you beauts been loving this month?!


  1. the Naked palette is amazing, love your background :) x

  2. I don't know how I survived without it! Thankyouuu! xxx

  3. Gotta love the Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation - I totally swear by it now.

  4. i need to try the hair powder. in need of some hair volume! <3

  5. Same, I really didn't think I was gonna like it because of the light coverage, but it's got to be the best foundation I've tried! xxx

    Definitely! It's amazing, whenever my hairs looking flat I HAVE to use this! xxx

  6. I'm glad someone loves Avon mascaras, bloggers rarely mention them!
    However, I've ordered one due to Rimmel failing to impress me and I'm hoping it lives up to the expectation!

    Great favourites post. xo

  7. They're amazing! Like I say they're not much to write home about alone, but work gorgeously in combination. Though Supershock is the best mascara I've ever used, it's amaaaazing! xx

  8. I love the Urban Decay Naked palette! I must try Bourjois Healthy Mix, I've heard so many good things about it! xxx

  9. I don't think I could live without mine! Haha definitely try it, so worth the money! xx

  10. Wow the Urban Decay palette sounds amazing! I rather like Topshop lipsticks too :) x

  11. It's incredible, I looove it! I definitely need some more Topshop make-up it's so gooood! And the packaging is gorgeous too ;) x

  12. It's insane how fast August has passed. I'm really impressed with the revamped vo5 range, yet to try the texture give me oomph powder. I love Topshop lipsticks, so lovely and of course the naked palette is just stunning. x

  13. I know! I need to try that miracle stuff everyone raves about from the range, it's definitely improved! Haha exactly! xx

  14. I la la LOVE the naked palette... bought it for my sister for her birthday and now I want it :( xx

  15. It's so beautiful! Atleast you can "borrow" it off her haha ;) xxx