Saturday, 25 June 2011

OOTD #011, 7 Day Challenge and GlossyBox Alternative?!

shirt - topshop, body con skirt - topshop leather jacket - vintage, shoes- primark.

So I'm still working the fashion statement plaster on my poorly short nail! My hairs in absolutely horrendous condition, if any of you have an ~ affordable ~ holy grail conditioning product let me know I need help! And I have booked an appointment with my hairdresser for the first time in just over a year, so I want it to be in tip top condition before she analyses it, I don't want a "I'm going to have to cut 5 inches off" type statement from her gob.

So the Versace archives have been opened for the first time since Gianni's death for Lady Gaga (lucky cow!), who has vowed to wear ONLY Versace for the next two months.
So I'm not a Versace kinda girl, being unemployed and all that, but I'd definitely like to take on the whole one brand rule, but taking it to the high street. So having a quick flick through my wardrobe it's clear I have more Topshop than anything else, so here it is. For ONE WEEK (it's not two months, but I'm no Lady Gaga) I will be purely wearing Topshop. I only decided this today, so I'm starting tomorrow and I'll post the results next week. Head to toe Topshop, I'm talking clothes, jewellery and shoes! 

Also if you were on twitter yesterday, it was hard NOT to see a lot of disappointed tweets with this months GlossyBox (minus those trying to score points and sucking up to PRs "oh i'm so happy with my glossybox!!!!!!" blaaah!) and I'm not surprised. It wasn't that bad, obviously we all knew that nothing really was going to live up to lasts months generously sized Nars illuminator, but the Batiste Dry Shampoo made the thing a bit of a joke, I mean luxury product? You can buy it full size for under 2 quid in savers! I'm definitely glad I didn't throw away a tenner, next months products will definitely be a decider with Elizabeth Arden promised, though with the price going up from Serptember, I'm sure cancellations will be in their bulk.
So recently I've heard about a new alternative to our "much loved" GlossyBox, Boudoir Privé. Again offering a monthly service, where for £10 inc delivery you're given SIX deluxe samples, with a range of make up, skin care, body care, fragrance, hair care and lifestyle. I for one hope I can get my hands on one, and like GlossyBox, these cute little boxes are packaged beautifully, and lets be honest who's NOT swayed by gorgeous packaging?! I hope they live up to the hype and I'll be doing a full review ofcourse! I know a lot of people are cautious as a cucumber (or whatever the saying is) after this months GlossyBox, but I fancy giving this a go.

Hope you're all having lovely weekends!


  1. Yeaah i agree with you.
    but if the july and august boxes are not great im going to cancel my subscription and subscribe to
    Boudoir Privé and great blog btw (:

  2. I think next month is the "decider" for GlossyBox, putting it up another 3 quid for delivery will put a lot of people off!
    Thankyou! xxx

  3. yeaah the p&p charge has made me reconsider staying with glossybox. its such a shame since its such a good concept. and your welcome (:x

  4. You look lovely- I love your hair! xx

  5. Aw thankyou, I've been working the rained on hair recently! ;) Never remember my umbrella haha! xx

  6. you're really pretty, and I love topshop- good luck with dressing in it head to toe though!

    I've never even heard of glossybox (yeah, I know I live under a rock!)

  7. I'm so glad you think the same as I do about the Batiste! High end? Haha xD

  8. Thankyou! Haha I've just realised I have hardly any rings or shoes from topshop so that should be fun ;)
    It's only been out just over a month, you haven't missed much! xx

    Haha it's ridiculous! I would of been so pissed if I'd got that, high end products usually can't be bought in poundland ;) xx

  9. I just found your blog and I really like it!

    I like your pictures and how you write :> Fun to read!

    You have one follower more hihi and I would be happy if you would visit my blog as well!


  10. Looks interesting, I never tried GlossyBox or any of the kind, but I might give a go to your alternative:P Still a bit skeptical, so I will wait for your review;) haha
    Btw I gave u some awards on my blog, hope u'll check them out, I think you definitely deserve them:)
    much love!<3

  11. Haha, it best not disappoint after I've raved about it ;) thankyou so much I really appreciate it! xxx

  12. love this look! that leather jacket is amazing! did you find it in a vintage store? good luck on your challenge! i think you will be able to do it :)

  13. @Helen @Beautychokes @Beauty by Roshx @Beth Ramsey @Molly
    Hi! This is Veronica from Boudoir Prive. Great blog post, Helen! I thought the post was very entertaining -it definitely made us smile at the office. I hope you get a copy of the limited first box- i would love to see your blog post. Your right, our P&P is free and the price will stay at £10-we don't plan to increase it.
    Though our concept is similar to the other companies, we are an online beauty discovery club for beauty enthusiasts. The brands we work with are exclusively luxury. Not necessarily the most famous-some you know, some you don't. All have been carefully selected by our experts for their quality and a few have celebrity fans. The first box comes out early August. Any more questions-just shout!

  14. Aw thankyouuuu! I'm so excited haha! xx